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“Superior stand-up skills – very, very funny” – The Guardian

“Likeable, self-deprecating and armed with impeccable timing” – The Dubliner

“A comedy genius” – Metro


I am still gigging regularly at The Comedy Store and XS Malarkey  until around mid July (I’m not back at the 99 Club until August) but I can’t fit any other gigs in because…

I will be spending the summer playing Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet for Feelgood Theatre – after last year’s five star A Midsummer Night’s Dream this is going to be a spellbinding night because it has the same creative team and most of the same lovely actors. There’s lots of fighting and music and the captivating atmosphere of the open air will beguile you, so please do come. Details and tickets here

Romeo and Juliet come to Heaton Park this summer. So does Friar Laurence.

I’m going to be filming a fun little cameo in a feature film later this month. I won’t jinx it until my bit is in the can but it boasts one heck of a cast and a splendid director. I will be playing a comedian (versatility, you see, that’s my strength). 

I have been commissioned to write a mini-play about Spike Milligan for Radio 3 which will be performed in front of a live audience and broadcast at end of September.

I’m back presenting The 7th Dimension on Radio 4 extra for a three weekend stint until the middle of July. 

I’ve tracked down a couple more folk involved in the original serials, as well as some fascinating documents, which should all help to make my forthcoming Quatermass book as close to definitive as possible. It will probably now be two volumes. The first volume is due by the end of the year. More info soon…

Felicity Ward is coming to XS and I couldn’t be more excited. one of my favourites!

This month at XS Malarkey there are more of our Edinburgh previews – they include Felicity Ward, Brennan Reece, Rob Rouse, Laura Davis, Ahir Shah and many more. What a line up! More details are available now at  the XS Malarkey Website.

The Doctor Who Season 12 Blu-Ray box set is out this month and I pop up on one of the documentaries. It looks like a fabulous package (the box set – I’m only filmed from the neck up so quiet at the back). Grab yourself a copy because it’d be nice if it sold well and led to further releases.

Ongoing news but good news …

My dramatisation of Nigel Kneale’s famous lost television play, The Road, for Radio 4 was recorded in Maida Vale at the beginning of February. The cast is phenomenal : Mark Gatiss, Adrian Scarborough, Hattie Morahan, Colin McFarlane, Susan Wokoma, Francis Magee and Ralph Ineson.  It will be the Halloween Fright Night production for BBC Radio 4 on October 27th.  It is one of my proudest achievements.      STOP PRESS: There will be a tie in event on the night (I’ll say it again – October 27th) in Manchester – so don’t go making any plans! More details to follow… STOP STOP PRESS – the play, intended for a late night broadcast, has been promoted – it will now go out in the busier afternoon slot because it has got the thumbs up from on high. Not sure how this affects the Home … more news when I have it.

Adrian Scarborough and Mark Gatiss investigate spooky happenings in my adaptation of Nigel Kneale’s The Road on Radio 4 this Halloween.

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7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Toby,

    I really enjoyed your radio 4 play (say that phrase rather quickly for instant hilarity…). Impressive juggling act between daft jokes and real emotion – with a soupcon of who-isms for the cognoscenti. Cheers!

    Dave McG

  2. Adored your play “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. It became quite sad towards the end – for those of us who have lost our parents will know. All in all, great stuff indeed.

  3. Hi Toby enjoying reading “running through corridors two” greatly ( when does vol 3 come out ? I hope the what between volumes isnt too long this time) but on page 119 you say Robert Holmes made up the word “Tellurian”. Sorry he didn’t make it up, it’s rooted in latin, meaning “things of or pertaining to the earth”
    One of the things I still love about Dr Who is it often sends me scurrying for the dictionary, though Robert Holmes does that more than most writers. He sent me to look “Tellurian” up when I watched the repeat in the five faces of Dr Who back in 81.
    When does the dvds of “moths” etc come out ?

    Best Wishes

    1. Ah, I sit corrected. Nice nugget of info, thanks. And thanks for reading.

      Not sure re: DVDs and Volume Three. Hopefully there latter won’t be as long: I prodded Rob the other day. Watch this space…

  4. Hi Toby. I was deeply touched to see the In Memoriam video of Dr Who related people for 2017- it included my father Chick Anthony – twice ! He was also in the image of Chris Holcombe. I didn’t know he had died too. I remember my father mentioning him when I was a child. Could you send me the original pic the you circled Chris in please – and Chick is in the front row middle. I’ve not seen that shot before. Do you have any others by the way ? many thanks.

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