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“Superior stand-up skills – very, very funny” – The Guardian

“Likeable, self-deprecating and armed with impeccable timing” – The Dubliner

“A comedy genius” – Metro

LATEST UPDATES (October 2016):

I have been commissioned to write another play for Radio 4. It won’t be recorded until next year (I have to write it first!) but the provisional title is Grand Designs of the Third Kind. Thrilled to be embarking on another one – which will again be produced by Charlotte Riches for the Afternoon Play slot.

My Guardian obituary for dear Terence Bayler can be found here.

Volume Two of Running Through Corridors will be out by the end of the year, whilst Dead Funny: Encore (a volume of short horror stories by comedians which features a piece by me nestling amongst works by more estimable types like Stewart Lee, James Acaster, Robin Ince and Rufus Hound) is out now.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me for my 10k wheeze, sorry, run. Everyone’s generosity amounted to over £5,000 for the Psoriasis Association, which exceeded my expectations.

I recently performed in two short films – Fuzzy directed by John Kelly and Appraisal directed by James Peaty. They will be out and about soon I think.

With director James Peaty and actor Christopher Sciueref during filming for The Appraisal. Photo © Stuart Peaty.
With director James Peaty and actor Christopher Sciueref during filming for The Appraisal. Photo © Stuart Peaty, used with thanks.

I have also done some audio bits – some drama and comedy on Radios 2 and 4 and more performances as Mr Dorrick alongside David Warner’s Cuthbert as we do battle with Tom Baker’s Doctor Who in two further adventures for Big Finish. The Pursuit of History and Casualties of Time are both out now!

I have recorded more Who Talk commentaries for the wonderful fellows at Fantom Films. The latest one features Simon Williams, Pamela Salem, Andrew Morgan, Andrew Cartmel and Karen Gledhill appropriately indulging in some Remembrance…

OLD NEWS BUT STILL PERTINENT – I set myself an enormous task in 2013 – to interview someone from every single televised Doctor Who story. These are being broadcast as a series of podcasts, found here. I outline my plan here. Updates are here.

If you have worked on Doctor Who or know someone who has, this is the page that should be read : HERE!

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4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Toby,

    I really enjoyed your radio 4 play (say that phrase rather quickly for instant hilarity…). Impressive juggling act between daft jokes and real emotion – with a soupcon of who-isms for the cognoscenti. Cheers!

    Dave McG

  2. Adored your play “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. It became quite sad towards the end – for those of us who have lost our parents will know. All in all, great stuff indeed.

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