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Who’s Round 137

There was no way I was going to let Milton Johns be edited down to the usual half an hour or so – so he’s been given a two parter and this is the conclusion. What a gent he is – he later showed me around the Garrick Club, regaling me with glorious stories about all of the actMilton Johns Who's Roundors depicted in various paintings. Plus we bumped into Johnny Dennis who had contributed to an earlier Who’s Round by phone, so it was nice to finally meet him. One of my favourite days doing the project I have to say.

Who’s Round 136

Milton Johns Who's RoundIf Carlsberg made Afternoons Designed Specifically For Toby then I suspect they would involve collar and tie, the Garrick Club and one of the finest character players ever to grace our screens : which he has done without ever sounding a duff note in over five decades. Here he talks about his three encounters with Doctor Who and so much more, including an important stint in a key role with the actor’s union Equity which, you know, involved nipping round to Andre Morell’s house and facing down Margaret Thatcher. As you do. Part one of two is out now, here, and (as ever) totally free.


Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round episode 135

And so it’s part two of my interview with fantastic production designer Roger Murray-Leach whose work I have long admired: it was a real thrill to be able to talk to him about his work on the show and – of course – his illustrious career beyond time and space. His charity is Hope & Homes For Children. As ever it is not mandatory but if everyone who listened gave a quid on behalf of this free podcast then a lot of good causes would benefit substantially without anyone having to dig too deep.


A prime scalp in this week’s edition of Who’s Round: a very talented designer with an amazing cimageareer outside of the show and whose work on the series itself is of the highest quality. It’s a two parter and involves tales from a golden period in the Doctor Who’s history. He’s one I never thought I’d get and this interview just goes to show what can happen if you aim high.


Who’s Round Archive 6-10

TH-WhosRound-generalContinuing my repositioning of the early Who’s Round blurbs from the Podcast page into the blog (because it was taking up a lot of space and has been superseded by the brilliant work of Ian Atkins at Big Finish – he has done a definitive list):

Episode Six: Waris Hussein
Only the first ever blooming director of Doctor Who! And a timely interview because he was fresh from the readthrough of An Adventure In Space And Time, the Mark Gatiss docu-drama about the genesis of Doctor Who. So we discuss that, being an outsider and passing up A For Andromeda… Chosen charity: Cancer Research At The Royal Marsden.

Episode SevenAdrienne Burgess and Martin Cochrane
Two for the price of none as a pair bonded thesp couple share their memories of working on two very different scripts from the same writer (Adrienne was Veet in The Sunmakers, Martin was Chellack in The Caves Of Androzani). I talk acting with a deaf person, managing a star and boring three-shots with a delightful couple who straddle some of the more sublime and ridiculous moments of Doctor Who. Chosen charity: The Fatherhood Institute.

ForknallEpisode EightRobert Forknall
He may only have been credited as “Guard” but this charming fellow has loads of stories about fulfilling his lifelong ambition of being in Doctor Who. From accosting the director on a train to coming out to David Tennant and chaperoning Tom Baker, the show runs through this chap’s veins and he proves to be the most enthusiastic company in what is currently the Who’s Round with the most background noise (it took place in Patisserie Valerie on Leicester Square, fact fans). Chosen charity: World Wildlife Fund or Save The Snow Leopard.

Osoba compressedEpisode NineTony Osoba  
One of “those” actors : a ubiquitous face who has cropped up in everything. He has appeared in iconic comedies and prime time dramas – if he wasn’t in them, they weren’t really worth bothering about. So what a treat to discuss white costumes, not being dead and the wonder of the motor car with a genuine TV icon. Chosen charity: MacMillan Nurses and Guide Dogs For The Blind.

palmerEpisode Ten: Valentine Palmer 
Another recognisable character actor – he had a major role in Day Of The Daleks but didn’t feature on the DVD. Outisde who he has notched up a number of high profile credits in the 70s before getting bored and forging many different paths which ultimately took him to the John Lewis cafe near Tottenham Court Road to chat about Jon Pertwee, Jeremy Brett not being allowed in the sun, and the conspiracy theories that surround the Titanic. Chosen charity: Medicins Sans Frontieres.


Who’s Round episode 132

This week’s Who’s Round continues my chat with George Gallaccio, whose career as a BBC producer after his days as Doctor Who’s production associate took in all sorts of classics including Bergerac, The Omega Factor and Miss Marple. He was also offered the top job on our beloved show and explains his reasons for not doing it :