LATEST EXCITING NEWS: My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver and Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf were recently filmed for DVD at The Garrick Theatre in London.

This show has now finished touring.

Yep, so many people asked for a follow up to Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf that rather than mope around justifiably complaining that some people are never happy, I decided to write one. Which is what I should be doing now, instead of setting up this webpage. But, webpage time it is, just before alphabetising my CDs and knocking up a couple of lasagnes to put in the freezer because you never know when they’ll come in handy.

MSSMSS enjoyed a critically successful, official sell-out Edinburgh run, way above the attendance levels of your average Edinburgh show, so many thanks for all the support. By the final Saturday, the show was overall the second most positively Tweeted about of the whole fringe according to Oh, and thanks too, to all of the critics who wrote nice things: the show averaged four stars across the board, and picked up not one negative response (below, where reviews do not use a star system none have been given, but if they do, they have):


“4 Stars – Hadoke is brilliant: a warm and engaging stage persona.  Behind the laugh-out-loud lines and spot-on ad-libs, this is a show about bridging distances between people; about a man and a boy finding a common language in a messy world.”Tom Wicker – Exeunt (full review here)

“This new show, actually exceeds the previous two in performance, writing and overall enjoyment – it’s often hilarious and had me laughing, quite giddily and almost painfully, with self-aware embarrassment throughout. Intelligent, charming, incisive, naughty but above all generous and funny – don’t let even the Daleks prevent you from seeing this.” – Elton Townend-Jones, Kasterberous

“4 Stars (highly recommended) : It is surprisingly moving, particularly in a passage when he speaks about listening to the iconic theme tune. This isn’t exactly a show for geeks or kids, but for anyone who’s found solace and comfort in something to get geeky about. Splendid show, all of it.” Andrew Allen, Fringe Review (full review here)

“4 Stars – This entertaining spectacle is not just for budding ‘whovians’, however; I personally have never seen a single episode but found Hadoke to be quick witted, gloriously self-deprecating and a captivating storyteller, especially in touching on his relationship with his deaf stepson. Even if you’ve never heard of a Dalek, the Doctor or David Tennant, this show will entertain.”Emma Obank, Three Weeks (full review here)

“[Hadoke] is wonderfully animated, bouncing around the stage like an excited puppy … it’s impossible not to get caught up in his enthusiasm. This is a brilliant hour in the company of a great storyteller that will delight all.”Colin Flaherty, Squirrel Comedy (full review here)

“4 stars – Funny, yet poignant; imaginative yet with the ability to kick you where it hurts. This is a comedy show that makes you feel as much as you laugh. And those are rare, even in Edinburgh.”Broadway Baby (full review here)

“Ed Fringe Tip #2: Toby Hadoke’s wonderful show – funny, poignant and suitable for kids”Sarah Millican (on Twitter)

“The enthusiasm is both endemic and contagious, [but] the show is suddenly and surprisingly moving.”Michael Flett, GEEKChocolate

“4 stars – Hilarious and heartwarming in equal measure – one of Hadoke’s strengths is his ability to make his audience feel as well as laugh.” Caron Lindsay, Festival Journal

“8/10 – A witty and warm, fast paced, hilarious melange of trivia and wit – both touching and laugh-out-loud funny”Brian J Robb, Sci-fi Bulletin

In addition, these nice comments from the previews will do!:

“While there’s a lot that will resonate big-time with fellow Who worshippers, Hadoke’s superior stand-up skills mean that everyone can enjoy the ride.” James Kettle, The Guardian

“Funny, moving, witty, intelligent, embracing – I loved it” Louise Jameson

“What a treat – one minute you’re falling about with laughter and the next you’re deeply touched. This man is magic” Anneke Wills

“Not as joyous as the previous show, but funnier. A much more mature work than Moths, superbly well acted and pant-wettingly funny. The whole room was laughing.”DWO Who Cast

Below – the official blurb:

Seabright Productions by arrangement with Lee Martin at Gag Reflex presents


Performed by Toby Hadoke. Directed by Mark Attwood.

Chortle Award nominee Toby Hadoke’s long-awaited sequel to his Sony Gold Award nominated live show as heard on BBC Radio 7, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf.

‘A must see – well conceived and worryingly accurate’Edinburgh Evening News

Inspired by an obsession with Doctor Who and picking up where Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf left off, Chortle Award nominee Toby Hadoke’s highly anticipated second show is compelling, incisive and universal in appeal. Join him as he takes you on a heart-warming journey that begins with losing a partner, ends with gaining a stepson and pays homage to the restorative powers of the Time Lord in between. Intimate knowledge of the TARDIS is not required to enjoy this bittersweet comedy of parenting through sci-fi evangelism.

‘Utterly hysterical look into the life of someone for whom sci-fi has made the world a better place. Hadoke does an expert job in spreading a bit of the Doctor’s joy to his audience.’  – ***** British Theatre Guide

‘Like the new generation of Doctor Who, Hadoke’s show has the capacity to wrong-foot you with its emotional kick.’  – The Times

My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver with Toby Hadoke was originally performed at the Edinburgh Fringe :

1 – 26 August (not 15) 15:10 (60 mins) Fringe Venue 14: Gilded Balloon Teviot. Sub-venue: Billiard Room
Tickets £6 – £11 GILDED BALLOON 0131 622 6552 / or FRINGE: 0131 226 0000 /

The first preview gets Comedy Choice in The Times.

Anneke Wills and Louise Jameson enjoyed the second preview of My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver in July