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Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round
The podcast is hosted by the good people of Big Finish and is totally free. It started with a simple mission: to interview as many people from Doctor Who as possible. I endeavoured, during 2013, to get a first-hand anecdote from every single Doctor Who story. The checklist of stories is here. It has been very well received and I continued after the task was completed – currently episodes are released weekly on a Friday.

For reasons of space I am slowly removing the entries for individual episodes from this page onto my blog. Instead you can find all the the list of interviewees, editions and charities who have benefited from this labour of love here.

Sheenagh WreyfordEpisode Thirty-Six (October 2013) Sheenagh Wreyford 
She has never been interviewed about Doctor Who before but Sheenagh Wreyford stumbled across Who’s Round on the internet and got in touch so that she could recall her time as Director’s Assistant on Patrick Troughton classic The Ice Warriors. Her BBC career took in other shows as well, so whilst there’s time to discuss Bernard Bresslaw and light-fingered fans, we also get a rare witness for the defence in relationship to oft maligned Who director Alan Bromley. Chosen charity: Mind.

IMG_2861Episode Thirty-Seven (October 2013) Edmund Pegge 
Another Skype call – breakfast time for Toby in the UK, wine o’clock in Australia for the delightful and self deprecating Ed Pegge, who didn’t survive beyond episode one of The Invisible Enemy but fared much better in Tenko, amongst others. He tells us abut the pitfalls of acting with props onscreen, missing out of a lead role in a major TV series, and his possible Royal lineage. Chosen charity: Cancer Research.

Paul ShelleyEpisode Thirty-Eight (November 2013) Paul Shelley
A prolific stage and TV actor whose visit to the Doctor Who universe involved being an intergalactic frog who gave Nyssa back her pencil. He’s done a lot else besides, and is terribly enthusiastic over coffee and a muffin as he shares memories of his elder brother (the actor Francis Matthews), being directed by Polanski, and playing lead roles in Secret Army and A Tale Of Two Cities for the BBC. Chosen charity: The Actor’s Charitable Trust.

Nick PeggEpisode Thirty-Nine (January 2014) Nicholas Pegg
Another New Series regular, this one spends much of his time cooped up inside one of the Universe’s most deadly creatures. He’s a fan as well, but also an extremely witty and erudite gentleman who writes pantos, researches information for DVD production subtitles and is a leading expert of David Bowie. He’s a star, man. Chosen charity: Tiger Time and Compaid.

John MorenoEpisode Forty (January 2014) John Moreno
This very friendly actor doesn’t really remember anything being in The Ambassadors Of Death and yet this is one of the definite “Must Listen” editions of Who’s Round, if only for his extraordinary story of being Court Martialled by the French army. He’s also rubbed shoulders with James Bond, Kate O’Mara and Paul Jerricho in a long career than started with watching his father from the wings and has taken in fight 
arranging and Shakespeare too. And he wasn’t called “John” when he was in Doctor Who either: listen to find out why. Chosen charity: Prostate Cancer.

IMG_2838Episode Forty-One (February 2014) Bernard Holley 
A TV face who was bound to crop up in Doctor Who, his two appearances on the show – one with Troughton, one with Pertwee – pretty much bookend his huge run as a regular on Z-Cars. He’s also one of the few people to work with Kenneth Williams and remain unscathed by his caustic diarist’s pen. It’s a charming chat with a gentleman who has embraced the world of Who, and we’re all very grateful for that. Chosen charity: The Actor’s Charitable Trust.

490_Ilona-RodgersEpisode Forty-Two (February 2014) Ilona Rodgers
A fantastic chat this – even more so because the exhaustive DVD of The Sensorites (this New Zealand based actress’s brush with Doctor Who) features pretty much everyone still around who worked on the episodes apart from her. She’s enthusiastic and funny, talking Greenpeace, possum socks and 60s London in a very entertaining fashion. Chosen Charity: Greenpeace.

Matthew JacobsEpisode Forty-Three (February 2014) Matthew Jacobs
And so we polish off the first era in Who’s Round’s quest: and unsurprisingly it is for the Doctor who had only one TV outing, Paul McGann. It was important to get a key player so why not the fellow who wrote the script which took the Doctor to American on New Year’s Eve 1999 and made him half human. Matthew also visited his Dad on the set of a William Hartnell story, has worked – and smoked – in the presence of George Lucas, and plied his trade in front of and behind the camera. Chosen Charity: Shelter.

ray-peacockEpisode Forty-Four (February 2014) Ian Boldsworth
A fellow comedian and old friend mean that this episode has a tad more banter (and beer if I am honest) than most. This avowed Star Wars fan discusses the pitfalls of being a comedian, podcasting and the burden one feels when fulfilling a chum’s lifelong ambition on his behalf. Chosen Charity: MacMillan Cancer and Joining Jack.

Rex and PatEpisode Forty-Five (February 2014) Rex & Pat Robinson
Scandal – Mrs Ollis was actually married to Dr Tyler all the time!!! What a lovely couple, who talk not only about their time together on screen in The Three Doctors, but also a life long love affair that started with them getting married about three weeks after they first met. Rex was also in most of Lennie Mayne’s other Doctor Whos so those come in for scrutiny tooChosen Charity: Age UK and RNIB.

Philip_VossEpisode Forty-Six (March 2014) Philip Voss
Check out that voice! One of our leading classical actors is happy to talk about his two ventures into the world of Doctor Who which find him getting killed off way before either adventure ends. There’s also time to chat about changing as an actor thanks to working with one particular director, the pain of applying sticky tape to one’s face, and Vicious. Chosen Charity: WSPA.

2013-04-25 14.20.40Episode Forty-Seven (March 2014) BBC Tech Ops Reunion, Johnny Candon, Nicola Bryant
Loads of interviewees knocking off stories from a number of eras – there’s Brian The Very First Dalek (pictured), the first series regular to give their time to this endeavour, and even a non-canonical story that we may as well add to the list just to cross it off. And then there’s only the best anecdote about The Space Pirates that you’ll ever hear. Chosen Charity: Medicins Sans Frontieres and Great Ormond Street.

roger limbEpisode Forty-Eight (March 2014) Roger Limb
There’s a musical sting to these tales from a man who scored a large number of episodes during the 1980s. He also presented for the BBC World Service, spawned a Doctor Who fan all of his own, and tried to make a rubber chicken monster scary. The revelation that he composed the “Magic E” song seems to have caused a few contented stirs too. Chosen Charity: MacMillan Nurses.

Sue Upton 2Episode Forty-Nine (March 2014) Sue Upton part 1
Never before interviewed, this behind-the-scenes lady straddles early Pertwee to mid Davison and has many a tale to tell of gloomy weather,  booking actors and another kind of WHO.  She’s got so much interesting stuff to say that some of it has been held back for a later episode. Chosen Charity: The Stroke Association.



Episode Fifty (March 2014) Russell T Davies part 1
I think it is OK to boast about this one. It was October, the list of new series episodes that had been knocked off was rather small, and so what the hell? Why not aim for the very top? And of course it is the most marvellous interview as Doctor Who’s resurrector takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Eccleston era. Chosen Charity: The Terrence Higgins Trust.

hamish wilsonEpisode Fifty-One (March 2014) Hamish Wilson
Rather cheekily billed as the first full length interview with a  regular, this nonetheless counts as something a bit special as the temporary Jamie from The Mind Robber tells us about filling in at the very last minute, chatting to Walt Disney and becoming a pioneer of spoken word radio. Chosen Charity: RNLI.


Sue Upton 2

Episode Fifty-Two (February 2014) Sue Upton part 2
More from Sue as she talks about her other Whos and also diverse productions which didn’t involve a TARDIS, as well as the pitfalls of recasting in the second part of this lengthy but fascinating chat with a lady who has never spoken about her time on the show until now. Chosen Charity: The Stroke Association, although there’s also  shout out for your presenter’s charity Dermatrust.


I’m struggling to keep updating this page – but we’ve done over 70 now, which are all available here.



The XS Malarkey Podcast was not produced by me, so is technically extremely competent. The very clever Richard Massara covered the monthly goings on at one of the country’s best loved comedy clubs, which I have the privilege of compering every week. So I am on every Podcast. Comedians are interviewed, and stand-up is featured, for those of you who can’t make it along to the club in person. It is available as an MP3 on The XS Malarkey Podcast Page.

Episode One:

Featuring Phill Jupitus and Stewart Francis.

Episode Two:

Featuring Sarah Millican, Joe Lycett, Kishore Nayar.

Episode Three:

Featuring Gary Delaney, Jo Enright, Steve Royle.

Episode Four:

Featuring Lloyd Langford, Chris Martin and Johnny Candon.

Episode Five:

Featuring Steve Hall, Matt Green, Noel James, Hanks & Conran, Diane Spencer.

Episode Six:

Featuring Holly Walsh, Stuart Goldsmith, Simon Donald, Sally Anne-Hayward and Carl Hutchinson.

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