They Call Me Mister Showreel (well, they don’t, but they could)

TV ACTING SHOWREEL – here you’ll see me strutting my stuff in Holby City, Casualty 1907, The Forsyte Saga and various other things. You might even want to cast me as a result ; yeah, go on, why not?


COMEDY SHOWREEL РA bit of everything Рstand up, TV roles, one man shows, live sketch nights, adverts: all, hopefully, a bit funny.


RADIO ACTING SHOWREEL – lots of good stuff here – a drunk, a toff, a psychotic spaceship captain and a gravelly king.


VOICEOVER/NARRATION SHOWREEL – it’s not all acting you know, sometimes I just have to say stuff to be interesting. And if I say stuff engagingly enough, I might even persuade you to buy some stuff or impart information about a museum or a safety procedure. Sexy or what?

There’s a more extensive, audio only voiceover demo at The Voiceover Gallery – I can work through both the London and the Manchester offices (but they are for Voice Overs only, any audio acting work must come via my acting agent Carolyn Cutler at PHM).

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