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Who’s Round 140

This isn’t the one you’ll be expecting if you listened to last week’s instalment which kicked off my chat with Mark Ayres. That’ll wend its way to your ears next time.

We are reaching the end of the project of course so the countdown element is important – more important than my notes are legible so I had accidentally assumed this conversation came later in my quest that it did. So I’ve hastily cut it together and put it in its rightful place in the canon.

It’s a good chat with a director responsible for many classic episodes of Doctof Who. I hope you enjoy it:


Who’s Round 138

Doctor Who is back on air tomorrow so it’s appropriate (though entirely coincidental and completely unplanned) that we talk to  someone who works on the show even today and in a key capacity. A last minute technical problem meant that I had to hurriedly improvise so the sound isn’t great – but it has been hugely improved thanks to the kind assistance of Nick Randell and David Nagel who generously  answimageered my Facebook cry for help.

There’s plenty to discuss as we whip through a huge bunch of Matt Smith episodes and much else besides with a most charming and erudite communicator. You can hear the interview here: