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“Superior stand-up skills – very, very funny” – The Guardian

“Likeable, self-deprecating and armed with impeccable timing” – The Dubliner

“A comedy genius” – Metro

LATEST UPDATES (February 2019)

I am the guest of the latest episode of Neil Perryman’s excellent podcast Perfect Night In : even if you don’t want to listen to me blathering on check out the other episodes as it’s a terrific show.

An actor I admired and had the good fortune of spending many social hours with was Del Henney who sadly died in January. I did him an obituary in the Herald (read it here) and am working on something a bit more detailed to go on my blog. RIP Del – a good guy and a terrific actor. 

Enjoying a social with the late Del Henney a couple of years ago.

I did my annual Doctor Who In Memoriam video at the end of last year. You can see it here

Over Christmas I had the sad duty of writing an obituary for TV producer – and erstwhile Doctor Who director – Bill Sellars for the Guardian. You can read it here.

I was recently interviewed by Stuart Goldsmith for his Comedian’s Comedian podcast. I’m now replaying the conversation in my head in the early hours and thinking about what I should have said. So keep an eye out for that – it’s an honour to have been asked.

As usual I will be MCing XS Malarkey every Tuesday, the Comedy Store every other Sunday and the 99 Club, Leicester Square every other Wednesday.

Some more CD commentaries for Doctor Who episodes have come out from those delightful and hard working fellows at Fantom Films. I have moderated chats with the cast of Resurrection of the Daleks and various folks involved in all sorts of Martian Invasions.  Details on these, and previous releases, here.

With William Sleigh, Jim Findley and Sneh Gupta on the Resurrection of the Daleks Who Talk.

I have recorded some audios for the fabulous new entertainment producers Sound of Thunder who are making some delightful original content from a great talent pool. More details here. And they gave me an apple tree, the lovely people!

XS Malarkey is promising a fantastic set of line-ups every Tuesday in 2019. I’ll be MCing as always.  Listings details are available at  the XS Malarkey Website.

I have also made another documentary for the Doctor Who Blu-Ray range – A Weekend with Waterhouse finds me breakfasting with Adric and getting up close and personal with the man who played him. Chris Chapman is the superb programme maker behind this and a few more productions that we are currently working on for later on in the range.

With Matthew Waterhouse filming A Weekend With Waterhouse for the Doctor Who -Season 18 Blu-ray.

My Big Finish podcast Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round enjoyed a terrific Christmas special in the company of that fine actress and Equity president Maureen Beattie – the exact future release schedule isn’t certain but keep an eye out here.

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9 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Toby,

    I really enjoyed your radio 4 play (say that phrase rather quickly for instant hilarity…). Impressive juggling act between daft jokes and real emotion – with a soupcon of who-isms for the cognoscenti. Cheers!

    Dave McG

  2. Adored your play “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. It became quite sad towards the end – for those of us who have lost our parents will know. All in all, great stuff indeed.

  3. Hi Toby enjoying reading “running through corridors two” greatly ( when does vol 3 come out ? I hope the what between volumes isnt too long this time) but on page 119 you say Robert Holmes made up the word “Tellurian”. Sorry he didn’t make it up, it’s rooted in latin, meaning “things of or pertaining to the earth”
    One of the things I still love about Dr Who is it often sends me scurrying for the dictionary, though Robert Holmes does that more than most writers. He sent me to look “Tellurian” up when I watched the repeat in the five faces of Dr Who back in 81.
    When does the dvds of “moths” etc come out ?

    Best Wishes

    1. Ah, I sit corrected. Nice nugget of info, thanks. And thanks for reading.

      Not sure re: DVDs and Volume Three. Hopefully there latter won’t be as long: I prodded Rob the other day. Watch this space…

      1. Thank you for such wonderful readin g running through corridors Toby I’ve watched dr who since 63 and its such a joy to us to read rt c I’m still on 1 but wondering when 3 will be out know your so busy loved twice upon time dennis

  4. Hi Toby. I was deeply touched to see the In Memoriam video of Dr Who related people for 2017- it included my father Chick Anthony – twice ! He was also in the image of Chris Holcombe. I didn’t know he had died too. I remember my father mentioning him when I was a child. Could you send me the original pic the you circled Chris in please – and Chick is in the front row middle. I’ve not seen that shot before. Do you have any others by the way ? many thanks.

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