My name is Toby. I am an actor, writer and comedian. I have a Patreon Page here with all sorts of goodies.

I was going to write this in the third person in order to give the impression that I have “people”. But I don’t. So, hello!

You can see me every Tuesday at XS Malarkey Comedy Club in Manchester, and every last Sunday of the month at Testing, Testing, the popular new material night at 53Two.

I am also a regular presenter on The 7th Dimension on BBC Radio 4 Extra and as an actor I pop up on TV and radio. I am also a prolific voice-over chap and a walking anorak who does a lot of Doctor Who and Old Telly related stuff. I’m mostly harmless.

Here’s my latest news (May 2024):

This month I can be seen in the short play Mrs Proopswhich is part of this year’s offering from JB Shorts, the critically accalimed and multi-award winning showcase of new writing from established TV talent. Mrs Proops is a brilliant character piece from Coronation Street writer Debbie Oates. It is directed by Ellie Rose : I play Gaz, a feckless dreamer, alongside Isabel Ford as his sister Kathy and Kerry Ely (the Puppeteer giving life to the title character – a cat!). The show runs from 8th-18th May and is at 53Two. Tickets can be bought here.

Rehearsing Mrs Proops with Kerry Ely, Malcolm the Puppet and Isabel Ford.

The next Doctor Who Blu-ray box set is out. It is Season 15 – and I am all over it. I feature in the Horror of Fang Rockdocumentary, various new commentaries featuring just me and Tom Baker, and the popular Behind The Sofa segment, watching all of the year’s stories alongside Louise Jameson and Betsan Roberts and, hopefully, doing so in an entertaining manner.


I love this photo of Louise Jameson and me on Beachy Head getting to grips with the Horror of Fang Rock

My new monthly comedy night – Testing, Testing – at the fabulous 53Two venue in Manchester City Centre, has been going great guns. We never announce who is going to turn up but so far we have had Sarah Millican, Justin Moorhouse, Colin Hoult, Gary Delaney, Nick Doody, Amy Gledhill, Rob Rouse, Daliso Chaponda and many more pop in. There are some great line-ups coming up too: TV names aplenty.  It will showcase the very best circuit acts trying out their new material in a friendly environment on the last Sunday of the month. As ever with the stuff I do it is accessible, low cost and friendly. So, you know, don’t plan your stag do around it. Tickets and details for January’s Testing, Testing here.

With Jonny Pelham, Sarah Millican and Gary Delaney at Testing, Testing. It’s a new material night in Manchester which I will compere on the last Sunday of every month.

I have nearly finished the first of my Quatermass books which will be published by Ten Acre Films: it should be in the shops early this year. These were going to be released in two volumes but now each of the 1950s serials is getting its own book. The Quatermass Experiment will be out first, of course. It’s official, it must be, as I even talk about it on Newsnight (this is the episode, have a look about ten minutes from the end for a sizeable and really nice segment that I think turned out very well).

With Kirsty Wark on Newsnight!

XS Malarkey – my award-winning, Manchester-based comedy club – continues to provide great value laughter for a very small entry fee.  It is now based full time, and every Tuesday at 53Two. Find out more about the club here. 

With Colin Hoult, Hayley Ellis and Joe Lycett at XS Malarkey (on the road!)

My podcasts are going strong. They have clocked up over 500, 000 downloads across 350 episodes which I am told is very good! They are all about Doctor Who : there’s Too Much Information (a fact-filled, episode-by-episode breakdown), Indefinable Magic (whimsical vocal essays inspired by some random aspect of the the show), and Happy Times and Places (commentaries with the aim of positivity). They are released under the blanket title of Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels. The podcast version is coming to You Tube imminently and is already available in the usual podcast places. My Podbean podcast page is here. My Patreon Page is here.


And here’s the general stuff about me if you’re interested (which I’m guessing you might be as you are here, so thanks!):

My one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe before embarking on a national tour, international dates and a West End run. The radio version was released on CD by the BBC and was nominated for a Sony Award. The follow-up – My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver –  joined its predecessor for a double bill at the Garrick Theatre in 2013. My radio work includes afternoon plays, a Fright Night presentation and topical comedy and has been nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award. For TV I have written for children’s series Biff and Chip.

I am a regular performer at the Comedy Store, Manchester and was the Wednesday night MC at the 99 Club Leicester Square for a decade, and have been resident compere at the award-winning XS Malarkey comedy club for 27 years.

I also like old TV and can spot a character actor in a crowd from space. I have written about such passions for national newspapers and magazines, and spoken about them on documentaries and TV news programmes. My podcast, Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round, has run to over 250 episodes, and my latest effort, Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels, has hit 300, 000 downloads.

But I’m an actor really. I have appeared in Holby City, An Adventure in Space and Time, Phoenix Nights, The Forsyte Saga, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Casualty 1907, the 2020 feature film Six Minutes to Midnight and dozens of radio plays.