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With director James Peaty and actor Christopher Sciueref during filming for The Appraisal.
With director James Peaty and actor Christopher Sciueref during filming for The Appraisal. (c) Stuart Peaty

The Appraisal As The Appraiser (Directed by James Peaty)
Good part in a moody short dripping with atmosphere featuring Christopher Sciueref, Beth Chalmers. Winner : Best Performances at the Action/Thriller Festival 2017.

Emmerdale As Registrar Rhodes (Directed by Dominic Leclerc)
“You must be some sort of comedian” says Cain Dingle to the man presiding over his wedding. Oh yes folks, it’s a TV in joke as once again I’m responsible for initiating the marital bliss of a well known soap character.

An Adventure In Space And Time As Cyril (Directed by Terry McDonough)
A tiny part gets handily rebranded as a cameo thanks to my association with all things Doctor Who. A delight to be all racist at young Waris Hussein when playing Cyril the BBC Barman in this lovely docudrama about the genesis of the best TV programme ever. With David Bradley, Jessica Raine, Sacha Dhawan, Jamie Glover.

All At Sea As Alan Ruddock (Directed by Paul Murphy and Delyth Thomas)
Great part with lots of slapstick and comedy moments in this terrific CBBC comedy with a very talented cast. The Ruddocks were invited back for a second helping of mayhem in series two. With Steve Edge, Nicola Stephenson and Kate Coogan.

Hebburn As The Priest (Directed by Jonathan Gershfield)
DSC_0032A last minute favour for a mate as Jason Cook found himself without a man of the cloth for the opening scene of the second series of this winning comedy which reunited me with Gina McKee from The Forsyte Saga (a class act) and found me spending most of the day gossiping with fellow Who fans Graham Duff (writer), Steffen Peddie (Big Keith) and Neil Grainger (Gervaise).

The Johnny And Inel Show As Various (Directed by David Sant)
Good fun doing various bits and bobs for this likeable comedy duo’s CBBC show.

Holby City As Alphonso Decker (Directed by Daikin Marsh)
Shockingly pulling off the role of a slightly odd science fiction fan – how was that possible? With Amanda Mealing, Patsy Kensit, Ken Bones (Christmas episode, guest lead).

Dr Leonard Hill with his, ahem, samples.
Dr Leonard Hill with his, ahem, samples.

Casualty 1907 As Dr Leonard Hill (Directed by Bryn Higgins)
An eccentric boffin, dressed in Edwardian clothes, with his own special capsule. Could it be …! Close, but no cigar, but a good part in this well made BBC costume drama. With William Houston.

The Royal Today As James Harrison (Directed by Neil Adams)
Casualty 1907 ? The Royal Today ? What is it about dramas with a medical title and a time travelling theme ? All we need now’s Emergency Ward 1066 for a hat-trick. With Caroline Carver, Anna Hornsby, Ben Hull, Leah Bracknell.

Phoenix Nights As Comic # 1 (Directed by Jonny Campbell)
Chameleon-like versatility – playing the role of a crap stand-up comedian. With Peter Kay et al.

Coronation Street As Vicar, Doctor and Chris Baxter (Directed by Jim Loach, David Kessler and Tim O’Mara)
Three roles – as a vicar with a terrible haircut (at Curly’s wedding), yet another Doctor, and a solicitor with an ill fitting suit. Oh the glamour.

The Forsyte Saga As George Liversedge (Directed by Christopher Menaul)
There wouldn’t have been a saga at all if George hadn’t introduced Soames (Damian Lewis) to Irene (Gina McKee).

A & E As David (Directed by Christopher King)
Playing a well meaning simpleton (that was a stretch!).

Titanic: Birth Of a Legend As Greaves (Directed by William Lyons)
Playing an American journalist who had most of his lines spoken over by evil narrator Charles Dance.

Shameless As Manager (Directed by Catherine Morshead)
Anyone who blinked may have missed this.

Crimewatch As Scouse Robber (Directed by Adam English)
Anyone who watched this should have blinked. And covered their ears. The robbers were never caught, and acting is probably to blame.


Romeo and Juliet, Feelgood Theatre, Heaton Park

“So smile the Heavens on this holy act” Photo (c) Gordon Jackson

As Friar Laurence,  with Nia Coleman, Ned Cooper, Nicola Jayne Ingram, Joseph Jordan, Lane Paul Stewart, Eliane Byrne, Sophie Coward, Dan Willis, Karl Greenwood, Sylvia Arnold, Jasmine Perkin, Dan McDwyer, Ryan Upton, Kezia Coulson (directed by Caroline Clegg).

“Toby Hadoke’s Glaswegian bruiser of a Friar conveys both the character’s compassion and a familiarity with the “violent delights” he warns Romeo about.” The Stage

“Toby Hadoke’s Scottish Friar is a self-flagellating Yoda-like mentor to Romeo, toughening him up through fighting at least as much as looking after his spiritual wellbeing.” British Theatre Guide

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Feelgood Theatre, Heaton Park.

As Bottom, with Elainne Byrne, Lane Paul Stewart, Ebony Feare, Jasmine Perkin, Karl Greenwood, Sophie Coward, Jon-Paul Bell, Nicola Jane Ingram, Jenny Carson, Joseph Jordan, Daniel McDwyer, Harry Mace, Conor Phillips  (directed by Caroline Clegg).

Open air, promenade, a terrific cast, some amazing music, and the chance to play Bottom again, which I was never going to pass up. OK, so it rained now and again (and quite heavily) but it was magical production that was a lot of fun, and set in the fantastic backdrop of the sounds and buildings at Heaton Park. It was the masterplan of the super director Caroline Clegg who I can’t thank enough for asking me to join such a terrific company.

Bottom gives his Pyramus in the climax of A Midsummer Night’s Dream inside Heaton Hall

“Out of a fine cast in which everyone pulls their weight, it’s hard to single out a particular performance. However, Toby Hadoke, a veteran TV actor and comedian, who performs the role of Bottom does so with great forcefulness and humour.” – Manchester Evening News

“As the hapless and self-important weaver Bottom, Toby Hadoke delivers a masterclass in comic characterisation, timing and pathos. Several masterclasses, in fact. From being a puffed up Frank Randle-type figure, he transforms into a mute but furious donkey from head to toe. Once restored, Hadoke’s Bottom goes on to play Pyramus in the play-within-a-play with a shuddering, lip-smacking hamminess that defies description but is achingly funny.” – Audience Bulldog


With Sarah Burril, April in Paris, Oldham Coliseum
With Sarah Burril, April in Paris, Oldham Coliseum

April in Paris by John Godber, Little Diamond Theatre Company tour, including Oldham Coliseum.

As Al, with Sarah Burrill (directed by Andy Pope).

Cracking play, cracking part, cracking co-star. ‘Nuff said. A great way to start 2017.

“…genuinely, movingly, well acted by Hadoke and Burrill. A natural comedy performer, Hadoke has great fun performing a series of comic set pieces.” – North West End

“Hadoke is a naturally funny performer with the precision timing of a continental express train and a gift for exuding bewilderment but he excels at understated pathos too. He leaves us in no doubt that Al’s spiralling roster of phobias are rooted in clinical depression through delicate hesitations and heartbeats; postures and tics.” – Audience Bulldog 

JB Shorts: Rebrand, 53Two, Manchester

As Geoff. With Danielle Henry, Amy Gavin (directed by Megan Marie Griffith)

Toby Hadoke Danielle Henry and Amy Gavin in Rebrand : JB Shorts 16
With Danielle Henry and Amy Gavin in Rebrand : JB Shorts 16

A brilliant, initiative (6 short plays by established writers): the funny satire Rebrand was written by James and Aileen Quinn and was part of a very strong sextet of innovative writing. And what a pleasure to work with two such brilliant actresses. There’s a video of it here.

Take Back: Capitol, Dancehouse Theatre

Cherylee Houston, Toby Hadoke.
Acting with my best side. And indeed, my better half.

As Dave. With Cherylee Houston, Krissi Bonn (directed by Caroline Clegg)

The Mrs and I wrote a piece about the disability cuts and took part in some good old fashioned political theatre at the Dancehouse, all organised by talented powerhouse Julie Hesmondhalgh and her team.

The Talented Mr Ripley Dukes Theatre, Lancaster

Toby as Freddie Miles – and yes, that’s padding.

As Freddie Miles and Marc Priminger (Directed by Ian Hastings) With Peter Prentice, Piers Ronan, Elizabeth Jasicki.

“Toby Hadoke as Freddie Miles brings a natural strength to the stage – and a natural stagecraft that gives an underpinning realism to the production at this critical turning point.”Virtual Lancaster

“Director Ian Hastings certainly knows his actors when it comes to casting. No fault can be found with the characterisation of Toby Hadoke as Marc Priminger and Freddie Miles.”Morning Star

Sherlock Holmes In Trouble Royal Exchange Theatre
As Copper, Captain, EmCee and loads of other parts
(Directed by Emil Wolk)

Self-written characters in a semi-improvised comedy piece with Lloyd Hutchinson and Jason Watkins.

“The show is stolen from under them by Toby Hadoke in a variety of inspired comic guises. Give this man a lead role, pronto” – City Life*

“Toby Hadoke gets plenty of laughs in a multitude of scene stealing roles” – Whatsonstage

“I laughed at several incidents – the tipsy captain of airship Th’Indenberg, the sleazy compere at a Las Vegas nightclub (both played by Toby Hadoke)” – The Times

“There are comical performances from Simon Startin as Lestrade and Toby Hadoke in a myriad of roles as a jobbing actor who comments on the silliness of the anarchic situations” – The Stage

Two Chorlton Arts Festival and tour
As The Landlord and all male roles (Directed by Susan MacLeod)

“Toby Hadoke as the Landlord showed real, heart tugging emotion in this final scene” – The Stage

A Midsummer Nights’ Dream Royal Exchange Theatre
As Snout (Directed by Lucy Bailey)

Snout as Hell’s Angel.

Favourite job to date, with Fenella Woolgar, Tom Hodgkins, Robin Laing, Francis Magee, Hilary McLean, Madeleine Worral.

“Every mechanical has his day, particularly Toby Hadoke as Snout who brings the house down in Act V.”Times Literary Supplement

“The excellent Toby Hadoke, (who plays Snout) as a WWF Hell’s Angel.”City Life

“It has style in its depiction of Tom Snout as a Hell’s Angel with a bicycle.”The Guardian

“A special mention to Robin Laing, Jonathan Bond, Madelaine Worrall, Francis Magee, Toby Hadoke, Trevor Dwyer-Lynch, and Chris Jackson, whose performances were natural, exciting, comical and talented.” Manchester Evening News

Accidental Death Of An Anarchist Edinburgh Fringe and tour
As The Maniac (Directed by Chris Sudworth)
Also adapted the script in this sell out fringe success. With Matt Addis, Colm Gormley, Joseph Monk, Julia Maria Martino and Suzy Madigan.

“Hadoke works in a liberal sprinkling of contemporary British references, plus some cheerfully manic byplay with Masonic handhakes and the like. His elaborately wrought dialogue contains some unexpected – but very effective – Wodehousian echoes, delivered with assured fluency. A brisk, peppy production and mischievously enjoyable hour.” – The Scotsman

“This slick show has been a stalwart of theatre companies in Edinburgh over the years, but this is one of the best I can recall. The plot, based on real life events 20 years ago, concerns a young railway worker and anarchist who fell – or was pushed – from a police interrogation room four floors to his death. A maniac, superbly played by Toby Hadoke, passes himself off as an official investigator who carries out an interrogation of the police themselves. Hadoke has adapted the script and, as is the tradition with this play, updated it with timely references to the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad and other topical material. Hadoke is ably supported by a terrific cast including Matthew J Addis as Bertozzo and Colm Gormley as the corrupt inspector. It is a testimony to the players and adaptation that this play is as relevant today as it was when it was first performed” Andrew Hoyle, The Daily Express

James Ellis, a very young actor and Dale Rapley

The Merchant Of Venice Ludlow Festival
As Leonardo and Man From Antonio (Directed by Michael Napier-Brown)
Professional theatre debut, with James Ellis, Doran Godwin, Dale Rapley, Robert Ashby, Kim Wall and Eric Carte.

Other Theatre Roles include

Loot, Royal Exchange Theatre (as Pc Meadows, directed by Braham Murray)
With Derek Griffiths, Gabrielle Drake, Colin Prockter and Robin Laing.

Genoveva, Opera North (as Angelo, directed by David Pountney)
As a mute. In an opera. (rather like playing a eunuch in a porn film). With Patricia Schuman, Keith Latham, Christopher Purves, Paul Nilon.

Roast – two seasons of comedy plays, The Green Room (as Phil Broom, Diavolo and others, written and directed by Adam Riches).

And at the Royal Exchange Studio, Fire Salad and Doorway (both by Tony Burgess and directed by Andy Farrell) and Bus Stop (with David Yip). At the Edinburgh Fringe, as Jaques in As You Like It and Alan in Technique.


The Dad Who Fell To Earth, BBC Radio 4 
As Tom (Directed by Charlotte Riches)
The lead role in my own afternoon play as a nurse whose dad dies suddenly and unleashes a grieving process that might just involve the destruction of Earth. The legendary Ronald Pickup is the dad.

Jago & Litefoot, Big Finish 
As Summerton Carruthers (Directed by Lisa Bowerman)
Playing the recurring role of Jago and Litefoot’s greatest fan in this charming blend of period piece and science fiction adventure.

Tinsel Girl, BBC Radio 4, As Steve, Fireman Pete, and Kevin (Directed by Charlotte Riches)
In this great piece based on Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston’s real life experiences of trying to date whilst in a wheelchair, I played a series of awful men who were responsible for some terrible dates. Funny that…

Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures, Big Finish, 
As Mr Dorrick (Directed by Nicholas Briggs)
A guest star role as a recurring villain, sidekick to the legendary David Warner doing battle with the icon that is Tom Baker in four adventures which also included the Daleks and K-9. Hayley Atwell (Marvel’s Agent Carter no less) and Hugh Frazer also take part.

From Fact To Fiction – The Public Purse, BBC Radio 4, As Bernard Caldwell (Directed by Charlotte Riches)
I wrote this 15 minute response to the bankers bonus crisis as it played out across the media. Having written it, it would have been silly not to have been in it, playing a combative executive asked to account for himself on a gameshow.

Elidor, BBC Radio 4 Extra, As King Malebron
(Directed by Charlotte Riches)

Spooky adaptation by Don Webb of Alan Garner’s classic children’s fantasy, with Fiona Clarke from “Dalek I Love You” (so it was like a Doctor Who Radio Spin Offs mini convention).

Doctor Who – Hexagoria, As Mike Bretherton
(Directed by Ken Bentley)

As an investigative Australian journalist and love interest for companion Tegan who gets his body stolen by an insect. Try saying that when you’re drunk. Peter Davison is the Doctor, Jacqueline Pearce the alien queen.

Drama Showcase – Unintelligent Design, Big Finish, As The Student (Directed by Lisa Bowerman)
Starring alongside Geoffrey Beevers in his own play about creation.UnintelligentDesign-covertest07.jpg

Therese Raquin, BBC Radio 4, As Camille
(Directed by Pauline Harris)

As a dull consumptive husband who returns to haunt his murderous sife, with Charlotte Riley and Andrew Buchan.

Writing The Century, BBC Radio 4, As Leslie
(Directed by Stefan Escreet)

Lead role in a five part serial based on real events, with Georgia King, Malcolm Raeburn, Maggie Fox, Janice McKenzie.

Dead Souls, BBC Radio 4 April, As Nozdryov and Tentetnikov (Directed by Polly Thomas)
Two very funny parts (comedy twit and stupid braggart) in Dan Rebellato’s brilliant adaptation of Gogol’s classic, with Michael Palin and Mark Heap.

Other Radio credits include The Gypsies (adapted from DH Lawrence by Dan Allum) as a farmer and an army officer, Aurora Leigh (by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, adapted by Michael Simmons Roberts and starring Joanna Vanderham and Bryan Dick) as a nice posh bloke, Ann Veronica (by HG Wells, with Bill Nighy and Geoffrey Whitehead) as a stupid posh bloke, 1834 (written by Jim Poyser) as a comedy luddite (northern) and a comedy highwayman (cockney – ooh, the range of this man), A Child In Time (with Jamie Glover and Zara Turner) as a politician who starts behaving like an eight year old boy, The Glass Bead Game (with Sir Derek Jacobi), as an eccentric mathematician, and as a duped American businessman in The Saturday Play: Fraud (with Philip Glenister and Angela Wynter), all on Radio 4. I have also done a myriad of voices for radio documentaries, playing everyone from Churchill to Einstein via HG Wells and John Ruskin – HG and The H Bomb and John Ruskin’s Eurythmic Girls were on Radio 3 and presented by Samira Ahmed. And just so the other radio stations don’t feel left out I did comedy sketch show The Milk Run on Radio 1, brilliant sitcom Barbara Nice on Radio 2 and the online only podcast The Pod of Maximum Damage from the genius that is Adam Riches (I am playing George RR Arrgh, writer of an epic swords and magic series in this improvised comedy gem).


Narration for TV programmes, corporate videos and DVDs, character voices and straight reads for commercials, dubbing for foreign TV and movies, and voices for computer games (trolls especially good, apparently, and prominent as Professor Quirrel, Barty Crouch Junior, Gilderoy Lockhart and Vernon Dursley for the Lego Harry Potter Game). I am also the voice of the Vileda Super Mop TV advert and the Karcher Pressure washer in the internet.

Voice demo and agent visit:

Selected short story readings online: Do Not Read This Story (co-narrated by The Castellan himself, Paul Jerricho!) A Foreign Perspective The Lively Writers Group The Great Car Boot Heist. I also read stories for the audio book of Robert Shearman’s Love Stories For The Shy and Cynical for Big Finish.

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