OK – a quickie. Not been about because of work. Just back from ChicagoTARDIS, a wonderful Doctor Who convention that I’ll write up soon.

Anyway – December dates for the diary:

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf : last one of 2011, and frankly, likely to be one of the last times I do it at all. It’s in Tonbridge at the E M Forster Theatre on December 11th. Tickets here.

XS Malarkey has Jason Cook and Phil Nichol on Dec 7th and the Christmas Party on Dec 14th

And I’m in Holby City on Dec 28th.

The rest is … Christmas gigs – boosting your finances as they destroy your soul 🙂

Oh, and if you know a Who fan who is in need of a Christmas present, buy this. Don’t be worried by the “Currently Unavailable” status ; it should make itself known on Dec 14th.

Apologies for all the plugs – more contact and less whoring on my next post, promise.

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