December Gig List

Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th December
Frog and Bucket, Manchester (MC)

Tuesday 7th December
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC)

Saturday 11th December
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, Tonbridge, Kent
Ticket details here.

Sunday 12th December
Comedy Store, Manchester (MC)

Tuesday 14th December
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC)

Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th December
Opus, Manchester (MC)

Sunday 19th December
Comedy Store, Manchester (MC)

Tues 28th December
Holby City (on the telly)

2 thoughts on “December Gig List”

  1. Come on Toby, theres a recesion on, some of us can’t afford the busfare to Manchester (and we don’t even have a passport for Kent for goodness sake – thats nearly France!)

    Time you were on the road again, doing little gigs in out of the way places like the midlands, you may not have had a big audience but we were very appreciative and still talk about it (ok, nowt much happens down here so you doing “moths” was almost a Papal visit). Come on, stop doing so many reviews for DWM and get your finger out, were overdue for another visit – C

  2. I’m glad to see the Dr Who’s still going strong. Would love to see it again. Please come back to Northern Ireland, Tobey!!!

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