Updated Gig List : Sept – Dec 2010

OK, Edinburgh is done and dusted, so here’s what’s going on for the rest of the year.

It’s a little quiet from October onwards as frankly I’ve been away too much this year so I’m doing a lot of work that keeps me at home (especially as Now I Know My BBC will begin touring in 2011 – the first date is booked in already!).

I’m doing a couple of jobs in the next month that will take up most of my time, but I can’t talk about them yet. They’re exciting though, good work that I will relish. I’m also going through the edits of Running Through Corridors which is taking shape nicely (if I’m found murdered in the next few months, patient and thorough Mad Norwegian Press editor-in-chief Lars Pearson must be considered prime suspect, as I’m sure I’ve stretched his good nature to snapping point with my pernickety notes and feedback).

I am allowed to talk about one thing – during October (from the second week) and November, I shall be the temporary replacement for the Voice Of The Daleks himself, Nick Briggs (who is taking to the stage in Doctor Who Live!), as the Voice Of The 7th Dimension for the wonderful BBC 7. The team there, especially my producer Martin Dempsey, have made me feel very welcome. Have a listen, I will say the odd amusing thing and sneak in the occasional Quatermass reference.

Here is my gig list – there are more events at XS Malarkey than merely the ones I MC, so check out the website:

Tuesday 21st Sept
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, with Ivor Dembina)

Thur 23rd – Sat 25th Sept
Frog and Bucket, Manchester (MC)

Sun 26th September
Comedy Store, Manchester (New Stuff, MC)

Tues 28th September
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Super Special Birthday bash – 3 headliners and lots of fun!)

Friday 1st October
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf – Cranleigh, Surrey

Sunday 10th October
Comedy Store, Manchester (New Stuff, MC)

Tuesday 12th October
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Kent Valentine headlining)

Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th October
Baby Blue, Liverpool (MC)

Tuesday 19th October
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, with Noel James and Hils Barker)

Friday 22nd October
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, Leamington

Saturday 23rd October
Downstairs At The King’s Head, Crouch End (MC)

Tuesday 26th October
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Nige headlining)

Tuesday 2nd November
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Tanya Lee Davies headlining)

Tuesday 9th November
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, The Boy With Tape On His Face headlining)

Tuesday 16th November
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Sally-Anne Hayward headlining)

Friday 19th November
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, Cirencester

Monday 22nd November
Mirth On Monday, Manchester (Headlining)

Tuesday 23rd November
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Miles Jupp headlining, and probably lots of jokes celebrating Doctor Who’s birthday)

Friday 26th – Saturday 28th November
Chicago TARDIS, Chicago, USA (including a performance of Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf)

Tuesday 30th November
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC, Elis James headlining)

Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th December
Frog and Bucket, Manchester (MC)

Tuesday 7th December
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC)

Saturday 11th December
Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, Tonbridge, Kent

Sunday 12th December
Comedy Store, Manchester (MC)

Tuesday 14th December
XS Malarkey, Manchester (MC)

Thursday 16th – Saturday 18th December
Opus, Manchester (MC)

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