Current Gig List


Subject to change, incompetence and acts of God (or whoever you blame for life’s little disasters). My regular gigs are linked immediately below rather than every time they occur in the listings.

Regular Gigs (I MC each of the below):

Tuesdays =  XS Malarkey, Manchester

Wednesdays = The 99 Club, Leicester Square (fortnightly) 

2nd & Last Sunday Each Month (generally) = New Stuff at The Manchester Comedy Store

Please note that for 2019 I am generally sticking to the above gigs to free up space for acting and writing stuff.

And now you've no excuse not to come and visit!
And now you’ve no excuse not to come and visit!

 I’m not travelling much outside Manchester or London just because my other commitments are all-consuming at the moment.

Keep an eye on listings in case I decide to jump into and last minute gigs.

No, the gig list is up there!

No, the gig list is up there!

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