1. Dear Toby,
    I love listening to the 7th Dimension, and you present it very well. The new Prisoner episodes were brilliant and I love The Price of Fear.
    I had the great pleasure of working with the fantastic Michael Jayston who kindly narrated a ghost story I wrote and thought you might like it!
    My Father’s Microphone.
    Many thanks for the hours of entertainment you provide.
    John Hunt.

  2. Any updates on the Moths/Stepson DVD? I loved the radio version of Moths and so want to experience MSSMSS.

    • Thanks David. I have all the raw material – but I am kinda dependent on my editor. I could probably do it myself now though. Not sure DVDs are viable these days but a streamed release might work. It’s not going to be anytime soon though, I don’t think, just as I have a pile of other work on. I’d like to think it will happen though and I appreciate your interest.

  3. Hi Toby,

    I just wanted to say that I am an inveterate Radio 4 Extra listener, especially overnight and in particular the Seventh Dimension strand, and I have always been pleased to hear you introducing it, but especially throughout the Covid epidemic. Your reassuring voice, attention to detail and affectionate and well informed obituaries kept me going through many an anxious night. So thank you very much (rereading this I have heard that in Penelope Keith’s “Margo” voice, but I mean it sincerely) (and that in Hughie Green’s, arrgghh!) Why did I not find your website earlier? I have no idea. Anyway, now that I have I hope that I will not miss any opportunities to see / hear you.

    • Dear Rachel, How very kind of you to write. I was very conscious of what a privilege it was, during Covid, to still be able to transmit into people’s homes. I’m glad you found that of some use.

      You flatter me with your kind comments – I am most grateful. If you need to rid yourself of the need to hear my voice then maybe try my podcasts (they’re Doctor Who related but if you’re not specifically a Who fan then the Indefinable Magic editions – Series 3 on iTunes – are perhaps the most accessible) – you’ll be sick of me in no time!

      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to get in touch, that was really lovely to read on a cold winter’s night 🙂
      Sending you very best wishes xx

  4. Hi Toby

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcast Happy Times and Places, which I came to via your excellent work on the Doctor Who DVDs. I’m a lifelong Who fan (first story I saw was Planet of the Spiders – I was 4) but watching from Ireland, where I don’t think there’s ever been a DW convention, those features were a wonderful way to ‘meet’ some of the programme makers, as well as opening a window on the fascinating ‘social history’ of the series (and British TV more broadly) as made in the 1960s-1980s. And your commentaries always strike just the right balance between providing background information and encouraging your guests to share their stories. It’s a rare gift.

    I have two questions: first, given the seemingly huge amount of interviews you’ve done with cast and crew of Doctor Who, have you ever thought of turning them into a book?

    Second – I have a fuzzy recollection that on one of the DVDs somebody refers to a connection between Who and the play / film The Ghost Train (the one with Arthur Askey). Unfortunately I can’t remember what it is, so I was hoping that with your unsurpassed knowledge of Who lore, you might have the answer?

    Thanks again for all your Doctor Who endeavours – keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Pagraig – that’s all very lovely to read.
      As to your questions…
      Books require typing – I am a terrible typer. So recording and making podcasts out of the interviews is quicker and easier., I do LIKE the idea of a book though and we thought about it for the Who’s Round series – a coffee table type thing – but then books became even more of a financial nightmare to produce and it went off the boil as an idea.

      I can’t think of a link between Who and The Ghost Train. It was written by Arnold Ridley, Private Godfrey from Dad’s Army, so it does have a connection to a TV Classic, just not one that involves time travel 😉

      Thanks for your lovely message 🙂

  5. Hey Toby, just listened to something on Spotify and you mentioned a film/ program with the characters referring to luitenents and leftenants ( I know)
    But I think it’s dialogue from a film called Assault on a queen…I think

  6. Dear Toby,

    Thank you very much for your wonderful Doctor Who related podcasts, they are very much appreciated. You have such a lovely manner, which celebrates the virtues of Doctor Who so wonderfully.

    Growing up a Doctor Who fan, I can well and truly empathise with how the embarrassment and shame that one may feel at times. I think Doctor Who is a program very easy to bash, even in 2022, and yet your output reminds us of all the wonderful things going on throughout the history of the program. It’s tremendously affirming. I often think that when you go beyond the production limitations of Doctor Who, in any era, that there is so much going on, on a variety of levels that are unique. It’s always lovely hearing you speak so positively about its virtues.

  7. Hi, Toby,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you briefly many years ago when you did some of your impro comedy at the theatre where I work. I recall you mentioning how good the picture quality was on the forthcoming of the Dr.Who dvd of ‘The War Games’. Shows you how long ago it was!

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your contribution to the new ‘1984’ BD/DVD set. Fantastic to hear all that background info on Nigel Kneale. It’s inspired me to go back and watch some more of his work.

    Thanks, Toby!

  8. Hi Toby, it’s Judith, Amber’s mum (Amber & I say hi to Bernard) and we hope to get back to Malarkey soon, had some health and personal stuff to deal with.

    I am sure you know about this but I saw it and thought of you; Doctor Who ‘Worlds of Wonder in Liverpool’ liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/doctorwho

    Congratulations to Cherylee – well deserved!

    Cheers and happy new year to you all.

    Judith x

    • Sorry Judith – I only just saw this. Thank you! Hope you’re felling better and things are looking up. Come to see us soon. Lots of love xx

  9. Hi Toby,
    You have a tag for my dad, Reg Poulter, but the link doesn’t contain any information about him. Dad was a cameraman/senior cameraman (Crew 4) who worked on many Dr Who episodes. I visited the studios many times but my earliest memory was of meeting the Doctor (can’t be sure which one) as a small child. My brother was too scared to go inside a Dalek, but I was not invited and I was too shy to ask. I was instead put on a mole crane and sent up into the lights to look down at the Dalek and everyone grinning up at me!
    Dad died on 18th August 2019

    • Hi Carol, lovely to hear from you, I hope you are well.

      Your dad is tagged because he is featured in my In Memoriam video (which is embedded in the page or linked via You Tube). He is 9.43-9.46 in (it’s just a couple of pictures and a caption). I do these every year and try to feature as many Doctor Who people as possible – I also gave him a mention in Doctor Who Magazine. Thanks for those Doctor Who memories, they are brilliant. Because cameramen were often uncredited I am afraid I have not been able to narrow down which Dalek story, and so which Doctor, you might be remembering. Reg definitely worked on The Stones of Blood, Full Circle and Logoplis, all with Tom Baker as the Doctor, but none of those have Daleks in. You Dalek memories probably predate those (late 70s/early 80s) as that’s when credits and paperwork were less detailed.

      I’m sorry for the loss of your dad – please know that for the legions of Doctor Who fans out there his work will always be appreciated and his name remembered.

      Thanks for your message, best wishes,

      • Thank you so much for your reply Toby, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it until today! Thank you for finding the footage, I don’t know how I managed to miss him the first time (although we were in the middle of a thunderstorm at the time!).

        That early visit I remembered would have been 1964/65. I remember standing behind my mum and pulling on her navy sun-ray pleated skirt, asking her to go and ask if I could go inside the Dalek. I think she was too shy to ask too!

        Best wishes,

      • Hi Toby, I can’t see my reply to your kind message, so I’ll try again.

        Thank you very much for taking the time to find the clip of my dad. That early memory must have been from 1964 or 65. I remember standing behind Mum and pulling on her navy blue sun-ray pleated skirt, asking her to ask for me to go inside the Dalek. She told me to ask, so I guess she was shy too!

        Thank you again,
        Best wishes

        • Hi Carol,

          Apologies : your first message didn’t appear because I have to come on here and approve things before they are visible to visitors … and I have only just had a chance to wade through all my correspondence. Your mum was quite right to be shy of The Daleks 🙂 As were you! The Daleks were about a lot in 1964 and 65 – three stories with William Hartnell : The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Chase and the Dalek’s Masterplan. What a treat to have been able to pop in!

          Thanks for the messages – I hope you are well.

    • Hi Dar – yes, sorry, my publisher went bust. I hope to have secured a new one by next week. I am hoping to have some good news soon and I just secured three very important interviews which are among the final pieces of the Quatermass jigsaw to put into place.

    • Hi Greg,

      Those are good questions. I know Jacqueline Hill’s agents complained when she wasn’t credited on the Sensorites episodes that she is absent from: the idea being that she was still a member of the regular cast so should still be visibly represented. And maybe because it affected payments too. I am not sure. I suspect they got paid holiday… did they? Hmm. Don’t know. I don’t have the production files so I can’t see if the absent artists get paid. Those appearing on film definitely would – if fact, you got paid extra for filming. I will have a look when I get access and let you know…

  10. Hi Toby,
    I hope that you and yours are doing as well as can be expected in these difficult times.
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for being a great ambassador in all that you do in the world of Doctor Who, both in the past and in the present, and hopefully in the future too.
    I have a bit of a nerdy question about payments to actors in the very early years of Doctor Who and I thought you’d be the man to help me with my enquiry. I’ll keep this as simple as possible.

    Season 1 (for example)
    Carole Anne Ford is on holiday for 2 episodes in The Aztecs. However, she is on screen courtesy of pre filmed inserts. William Russell similarly had pre filmed inserts for 2 eps in The Reign of Terror.
    Do they get a full fees for those episodes thanks to that?
    Now, Jacqueline Hill didn’t have any pre filmed inserts and is entirely absent from 2 eps of The Sensorites. William Hartnell is also completely absent for 2 eps of The Keys of Marinus.
    Do they still get paid for those episodes in which they don’t appear?

    Did/does this have a subsequent knock on for repeat fees if an actor/actress is missing for episodes and in that regard did Carole and William just get lucky?

    I know in the grand scheme of things this is totally trivial, but I can well imagine that you can appreciate how these silly things nag away at you. When all you want to do is nod off…..and dream about seeing The Evil of the Daleks in full again! (for a third time)


  11. Hi Toby

    Do you know if the BBC have plans to broadcast your adaptation of The Road again? Sadly I missed the previous times it has been on and it sounds great!

    Best wishes

  12. Hi Mr. Hadoke

    Just wanted to pop by and say that your podcasts are ones I listen to regularly, and they inspire me when doing my own, Influencing the Doctor.

    Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.


    • Thank you Ethan, that is very flattering. I am grateful to you for listening and for your kind feedback. I hope you are yours are well xx

  13. Hi Toby
    Hope you dont mind , just nominated you for the next DOCTOR WHO… it was a hard choice… i also have MILES JUPP and MARK GATISS in my shortlist.
    as for the girls I nominate LUCY WORSLEY, SANDI TOKSVIG or HANNAH FRY…… Lucy and Hannah are doctors already..! I was going to suggest KIRSTY
    ALLSOPP.. but thats going too far….”DAVROS made an offer for the property …unfortunately he was turned down..neighbours were worried about a
    factory creating the most evil race in the galaxy being on their doorsteps…”

  14. I was just sent a link to the Radio tribute to Spike Milligan and want to thank you particularly , and all involved in the hour and a half as I relived discovering Spike in all his moods as a teenager. John Hegley, I think reintroduced me to a poem I had been hunting for for some time – Spring Song – trying to capture the wild joy of gardens, children and madly joyous dogs. As my atoms spin and I disperse into the universe, I had wanted my last memories to be waltzing ‘into heaven’ with my partner, who could now dance with the grace of Astaire, and the loving, firm hand of my elegant father swinging me round and round. Now I think I want to walk backwards into heaven.

    • Oh Denise: those words are lovely to read – thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you took the trouble to get in touch.

  15. Dear Toby
    I am sure that I am not the only one who now listens especially to your New Year tributes to those that have died in the preceding year. It is particularly touching that you recognise all those involved in the genre, not just the famous actors. Thank you for doing this. Is it my memory or did you have more time and were able to give more examples of those mentioned this year?
    I also appreciate your slow and well annunciated credits of each show – such a treat for the listener and a proper recognition for all those involved in the process of bringing us our entertainment and – yes, of course, escapism – the ability to suspend one’s disbelief being so important now more than ever.
    many thanks and please keep on with what you do

    • Thank you Samantha, so much. It was really kind of you to send such lovely feedback and I am so pleased you enjoyed (if that’s the right word) the show.

  16. Dear Toby,

    I finally got round to watching the copy of Doctor Who the Faceless Ones which I think is great! With the magnificent Bernard Kay in it his voice in it anyway.

    I have just been listening to your podcast interview with him and I think it is a great tribute to the man. In London’s Burning, he steals every scene that he’s in. He is the actor that you are drawn to on screen.

    I have a question. Do you know what happened to the director of the original version, Gerry Mill? He seems to have stop working about 10 years ago on ITVs Heartbeat . Did you know that customs designer on the original Faceless Ones Martin Baugh later went on to work with Gerry on Heartbeat.



    • Hi Andrew. I am glad you like Bernard – a terrific actor and a fine fellow.

      Gerry Mill had a fantastic career, seeing it out on top with, as you say, ratings topper Heartbeat. He is in happy retirement and we emailed back and forth but he felt that he didn’t remember enough to contribute to the DVD. We try, but sometimes people (very politely) decline to be involved. I knew about Marin – we tried to get him for a couple of the DVDs but he was poorly and then sadly died.

      Thanks for getting in touch and for watching The Faceless Ones!

      Cheers, T

  17. Hi Toby,

    I’m currently, thanks to lockdown giving me time to catch up with my reading, watching and listening, part way through a “Hadokathon”. I encountered you, as quite a few others have, via your valuable input on some of the Doctor Who dvd commentaries and extras, so I thought it was time to get round to a certain audiobook about Moths devouring scarves and the Running Through Corridors Volume 2, I was born in January ’73, so thought I would try that one volume first. Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf was fantastic, I could relate to it, all the Who in-jokes, and also about no father figure, in my case I’ve no idea who he was, but as with a certain Susan I had a fantastic Grandfather, so didn’t lose out. It was a great hour listening to the cd, and had a fantastic ending, you’re like a conduit, because you’ve met and worked with Whovian legends and yet you’ll always be one of us, a fan. After the Moths cd earlier, it was time for the book, I’ve got as far as episode 4 of The Daemons, and reading yours and Robert’s thoughts on the stories, as you go through them chronologically, are insightful, funny and add depth to the stories themselves, reminding me of other things, like how fantastic The Daemons dvd commentary is! I will definitely get the 60’s volume, and the 80’s whenever possible. Thank you, for helping a fellow fan add even more fun and enjoyment from Who, life at the moment is hard, lockdown and life in general can be tough when you live on your own, but loving something like Doctor Who is perfect escapism, and a shot in the arm to cheer up any mood. Thanks for showing and reminding me that there are many ways to enjoy and embrace Who, I’ve met three Doctors (4th-6th) and several companions, a school friend is my local Waterstone’s manager, a huge Who fan, and helps out with the local Literary Festival, so does lots of book signings, useful for me as Yeovil doesn’t have many conventions, I’m 48 in January and never been to one! I think next time I see one of my nephews and nieces, I might take a book or Blu-ray along with me, and tell them the story of why I was called Adric…

    • Hey Marc, sorry for the late reply. I hope you are well and that your January birthday brings you all that you want (I had a very quiet one, and am a year behind you:)
      I am so glad you could relate to the show – and thanks for buying it, much appreciated.
      I hope you’re having a decent time of it in lockdown ; and a Happy new Year to you xx

  18. Hi Toby, Toby Reynolds here, from way back in Ludlow Sixth Form College days….

    So, I’m running a podcast called Dr Kino’s Film Emporium which looks at under-rated, underappreciated and under-the-radar films as judged by film academics, curators and serious fans. I would love to have you on to discuss any film that you feel qualifies. If you’re up for this, get in touch!

  19. Dear Toby

    Very good to hear your adaptation of The Road.

    Two Incidental questions arising: Are there any more Nigel Kneale scripts to be resuscitated? (You probably saw the staging of Indian Wine at The Lass o’ Gowrie are few years ago. He was clearly a most talented and significant writer.

    2. Is there any record of his communicating with Charles Chilton, also creating splendid popular broadcast drama at the same epoch, combining genuine science with the paranormal?

    Very Best Wishes in your varied work and hoping that it will be possible to see you again in live theatre When The Lights Come On Again

    • Thanks Giles. Great to hear from you.

      I have been through most of Nigel Kneale’s correspondence and there wasn’t, as far as I am aware, anything between him and Chilton – who as you say, was also a great pioneer and a fascinating man. Thanks for your interest and kind feedback x

  20. Hi Toby , so glad we have another chance to listen to your play. Hurrah. And to have this site to keep tabs on what you’re up to. hesitated somewhat over proving my humanity to gain access for reasons you will appreciate. By The Moons, I Honour Thee. Xxr

  21. Hi

    I understand that you were involved ina radio remake of Nigel Knealke’s The Road.
    I saw it when it was broadcast originally in 1963, but unfortunately missed the remake.
    I particularly remember the final scene where they unearth a box which contains wiring and a keyboard in what I remember vaguely was rune-like symbols.
    Anyway, I am looking for a copy of the original script – can you help me?

    • Hi Dirk,

      Sorry if I missed this message first time around.

      The script is on the BFI DVD of The Stone Tape in PDF form. It’s also in a now very rare script book with a couple of this other plays, published years ago, that sometimes pops up on Ebay.

      The Road is repeated on Radio 4 tomorrow night if you would like to hear it again.

      Best wishes,

  22. Loved your ‘Moths’ show a few years back on Dundee Rep and was delighted to find you again making a brilliant contribution to the Quatermass programme on BBC Sounds. Brought back childhood memories of getting up during the night in terror. Still remember the flying cables and rippling gravel. Hope you get the book out soon as I am getting on a bit!
    I will be watching out for you next appearance in my area.

  23. Hello Toby

    I was very sorry to read of Stephen Thorne’s death in your review of him for The Guardian. About ten years ago he gave me at least a couple of hours in the George to interview him for my biography of the “esteemed” Reggie Smith. For a few months afterwards he and I were in close touch by email.

    I followed your obit with an anecdote that Stephen had told me about Reggie, and although it has been acknowledged by someone I know in the obits dept of the paper it has not been published.

    Unfortunately the biography is also not yet published. My publisher died suddenly of cancer. I myself have been consumed by other writing, some ill health and a move back from Ireland to England, but once we are settled here I am going to pick it up again.

    Did you ever know Reggie? By the way, I was on tour with Paul Darrow in “Chips with Everything”.

  24. Hello Toby,

    Just wanted to say a warm thank you for the very fine obituary of my dad /my husband Stephen Thorne in the Guardian yesterday.
    Obviously we’re biased, but really did feel that you appreciated his talents as well as capturing the lovely man that he was.
    Simon & Barbara Thorne.

  25. Very pleased to hear you back on 4 Extra – you always make me laugh. I loved it when you riffed about Robert Lang – one of my favourite actors. I once met him in a petrol station – who could miss that voice. He was happy to be recognised.

    • Thanks Jenny: glad my meandering actor-riffs are if interest to someone! Thanks for taking the trouble to leave a nice comment 🙂

  26. Hi Toby

    Just wondered if there was any way of listening to your adaption of “The Road” broadcast on Sat 27 Oct 2018. Just seen that the episode is not currently available. Was really looking forward to listening to it.

    • Hi Charles,

      I’m so sorry but as is customary it was on iPlayer for a month but has gone now. Feel free to badger the Beeb for a repeat or a CD release. Thanks for your interest and sorry I can’t help.

  27. Hi Toby. I was deeply touched to see the In Memoriam video of Dr Who related people for 2017- it included my father Chick Anthony – twice ! He was also in the image of Chris Holcombe. I didn’t know he had died too. I remember my father mentioning him when I was a child. Could you send me the original pic the you circled Chris in please – and Chick is in the front row middle. I’ve not seen that shot before. Do you have any others by the way ? many thanks.

  28. just been watching Curse of Peladon commentary and wonder what the font was on the closing credits for Pertwee episodes Spearhead from Space – Green Death might be. i was wondering who might be expert enough to know the answer and i dont know who “the watcher” is in DWM either.
    I think you might be my best chance to find out.

    all the best.

    • Thanks Trevor. Fonts aren’t my area really. Are you on Twitter? If so, I’d ask Clayton Hickman. He’ll definitely know.

  29. Hi Toby enjoying reading “running through corridors two” greatly ( when does vol 3 come out ? I hope the what between volumes isnt too long this time) but on page 119 you say Robert Holmes made up the word “Tellurian”. Sorry he didn’t make it up, it’s rooted in latin, meaning “things of or pertaining to the earth”
    One of the things I still love about Dr Who is it often sends me scurrying for the dictionary, though Robert Holmes does that more than most writers. He sent me to look “Tellurian” up when I watched the repeat in the five faces of Dr Who back in 81.
    When does the dvds of “moths” etc come out ?

    Best Wishes

    • Ah, I sit corrected. Nice nugget of info, thanks. And thanks for reading.

      Not sure re: DVDs and Volume Three. Hopefully there latter won’t be as long: I prodded Rob the other day. Watch this space…

      • Thank you for such wonderful readin g running through corridors Toby I’ve watched dr who since 63 and its such a joy to us to read rt c I’m still on 1 but wondering when 3 will be out know your so busy loved twice upon time dennis

  30. Hi Toby,

    Thank you for your Who’s Round interviews with both Paul Joyce and Stephen Gallagher. If I listened to just one person’s side, I would have an opinion about the other person which would be biased. So I appreciate your integrated interviews. I also know which person I’d rather have a cuppa with! You can add journalist and interviewer to your list of talents. Regards, Anthony

  31. Hi Toby,

    A very warm and accurate obit for Neville Jason: an absolutely charming chap, and lifelong friend of my late father Michael Hayes. Like Dad, he will be sorely missed
    I’m sorry that I didn’t know you were so well connected and researched at the time of Michael’s obit, but here is my email address should you want or need to get in touch re: Androids, Armageddon or City of Death (which he absolutely loved doing, and everyone had the most fantastic time… I was on the recce !)

    All the best,


  32. Hi Toby,

    Your ‘old’ email keeps sending me junk mail – just in case you don’t know you are being spammed ! Hope you are well ? Glad to report that MIWK publishing kindly got Bernard’s memoirs into print. Gladly send you a copy if you can send me an address. Cheers Martin

    • Thanks Martin – I’ll email you – but yes, a copy would be lovely, thanks 🙂 Sorry about the hi-jacking of my email address. Nice to hear from you.

  33. Adored your play “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. It became quite sad towards the end – for those of us who have lost our parents will know. All in all, great stuff indeed.

  34. Hi Toby, I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan. I bought your “Moths” programme some time ago and enjoyed it immensely. I am now loving your Who’s Round podcasts on Big Finish. I enjoy listening to them on the train into work in the mornings. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Alex

  35. Hi Toby,

    I really enjoyed your radio 4 play (say that phrase rather quickly for instant hilarity…). Impressive juggling act between daft jokes and real emotion – with a soupcon of who-isms for the cognoscenti. Cheers!

    Dave McG

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