1. Hi Toby , so glad we have another chance to listen to your play. Hurrah. And to have this site to keep tabs on what you’re up to. hesitated somewhat over proving my humanity to gain access for reasons you will appreciate. By The Moons, I Honour Thee. Xxr

  2. Hi

    I understand that you were involved ina radio remake of Nigel Knealke’s The Road.
    I saw it when it was broadcast originally in 1963, but unfortunately missed the remake.
    I particularly remember the final scene where they unearth a box which contains wiring and a keyboard in what I remember vaguely was rune-like symbols.
    Anyway, I am looking for a copy of the original script – can you help me?

    • Hi Dirk,

      Sorry if I missed this message first time around.

      The script is on the BFI DVD of The Stone Tape in PDF form. It’s also in a now very rare script book with a couple of this other plays, published years ago, that sometimes pops up on Ebay.

      The Road is repeated on Radio 4 tomorrow night if you would like to hear it again.

      Best wishes,

  3. Loved your ‘Moths’ show a few years back on Dundee Rep and was delighted to find you again making a brilliant contribution to the Quatermass programme on BBC Sounds. Brought back childhood memories of getting up during the night in terror. Still remember the flying cables and rippling gravel. Hope you get the book out soon as I am getting on a bit!
    I will be watching out for you next appearance in my area.

  4. Hello Toby

    I was very sorry to read of Stephen Thorne’s death in your review of him for The Guardian. About ten years ago he gave me at least a couple of hours in the George to interview him for my biography of the “esteemed” Reggie Smith. For a few months afterwards he and I were in close touch by email.

    I followed your obit with an anecdote that Stephen had told me about Reggie, and although it has been acknowledged by someone I know in the obits dept of the paper it has not been published.

    Unfortunately the biography is also not yet published. My publisher died suddenly of cancer. I myself have been consumed by other writing, some ill health and a move back from Ireland to England, but once we are settled here I am going to pick it up again.

    Did you ever know Reggie? By the way, I was on tour with Paul Darrow in “Chips with Everything”.

  5. Hello Toby,

    Just wanted to say a warm thank you for the very fine obituary of my dad /my husband Stephen Thorne in the Guardian yesterday.
    Obviously we’re biased, but really did feel that you appreciated his talents as well as capturing the lovely man that he was.
    Simon & Barbara Thorne.

  6. Very pleased to hear you back on 4 Extra – you always make me laugh. I loved it when you riffed about Robert Lang – one of my favourite actors. I once met him in a petrol station – who could miss that voice. He was happy to be recognised.

    • Thanks Jenny: glad my meandering actor-riffs are if interest to someone! Thanks for taking the trouble to leave a nice comment 🙂

  7. Hi Toby

    Just wondered if there was any way of listening to your adaption of “The Road” broadcast on Sat 27 Oct 2018. Just seen that the episode is not currently available. Was really looking forward to listening to it.

    • Hi Charles,

      I’m so sorry but as is customary it was on iPlayer for a month but has gone now. Feel free to badger the Beeb for a repeat or a CD release. Thanks for your interest and sorry I can’t help.

  8. Hi Toby. I was deeply touched to see the In Memoriam video of Dr Who related people for 2017- it included my father Chick Anthony – twice ! He was also in the image of Chris Holcombe. I didn’t know he had died too. I remember my father mentioning him when I was a child. Could you send me the original pic the you circled Chris in please – and Chick is in the front row middle. I’ve not seen that shot before. Do you have any others by the way ? many thanks.

  9. just been watching Curse of Peladon commentary and wonder what the font was on the closing credits for Pertwee episodes Spearhead from Space – Green Death might be. i was wondering who might be expert enough to know the answer and i dont know who “the watcher” is in DWM either.
    I think you might be my best chance to find out.

    all the best.

    • Thanks Trevor. Fonts aren’t my area really. Are you on Twitter? If so, I’d ask Clayton Hickman. He’ll definitely know.

  10. Hi Toby enjoying reading “running through corridors two” greatly ( when does vol 3 come out ? I hope the what between volumes isnt too long this time) but on page 119 you say Robert Holmes made up the word “Tellurian”. Sorry he didn’t make it up, it’s rooted in latin, meaning “things of or pertaining to the earth”
    One of the things I still love about Dr Who is it often sends me scurrying for the dictionary, though Robert Holmes does that more than most writers. He sent me to look “Tellurian” up when I watched the repeat in the five faces of Dr Who back in 81.
    When does the dvds of “moths” etc come out ?

    Best Wishes

    • Ah, I sit corrected. Nice nugget of info, thanks. And thanks for reading.

      Not sure re: DVDs and Volume Three. Hopefully there latter won’t be as long: I prodded Rob the other day. Watch this space…

      • Thank you for such wonderful readin g running through corridors Toby I’ve watched dr who since 63 and its such a joy to us to read rt c I’m still on 1 but wondering when 3 will be out know your so busy loved twice upon time dennis

  11. Hi Toby,

    Thank you for your Who’s Round interviews with both Paul Joyce and Stephen Gallagher. If I listened to just one person’s side, I would have an opinion about the other person which would be biased. So I appreciate your integrated interviews. I also know which person I’d rather have a cuppa with! You can add journalist and interviewer to your list of talents. Regards, Anthony

  12. Hi Toby,

    A very warm and accurate obit for Neville Jason: an absolutely charming chap, and lifelong friend of my late father Michael Hayes. Like Dad, he will be sorely missed
    I’m sorry that I didn’t know you were so well connected and researched at the time of Michael’s obit, but here is my email address should you want or need to get in touch re: Androids, Armageddon or City of Death (which he absolutely loved doing, and everyone had the most fantastic time… I was on the recce !)

    All the best,


  13. Hi Toby,

    Your ‘old’ email keeps sending me junk mail – just in case you don’t know you are being spammed ! Hope you are well ? Glad to report that MIWK publishing kindly got Bernard’s memoirs into print. Gladly send you a copy if you can send me an address. Cheers Martin

    • Thanks Martin – I’ll email you – but yes, a copy would be lovely, thanks 🙂 Sorry about the hi-jacking of my email address. Nice to hear from you.

  14. Adored your play “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. It became quite sad towards the end – for those of us who have lost our parents will know. All in all, great stuff indeed.

  15. Hi Toby, I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan. I bought your “Moths” programme some time ago and enjoyed it immensely. I am now loving your Who’s Round podcasts on Big Finish. I enjoy listening to them on the train into work in the mornings. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Alex

  16. Hi Toby,

    I really enjoyed your radio 4 play (say that phrase rather quickly for instant hilarity…). Impressive juggling act between daft jokes and real emotion – with a soupcon of who-isms for the cognoscenti. Cheers!

    Dave McG

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