Toby Hadoke 2010An affectionate and stroppy love letter to his favourite Auntie from the passionately squared eyed comedian whose previous show “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf” received 100% 5 star reviews (Ed Fringe 2007), toured the UK and internationally, had a West End run, and spawned a Sony nominated radio series.

It was first performed at the Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010.

This show has now finished touring.


Bristol – Preview Show
Saturday 31st July

“Now I Know My BBC is heart warming, witty and extremely well-informed. Someone as likeable and charming as Toby Hadoke will undoubtedly go a long way” – Jane Monument, Crackerjack.

Edinburgh-  First Preview
Thursday 5th August

“The polemical side of the show is driven by passion that’s often entertaining in itself, but with smart observations to back it up. His clarion call that the BBC is an institution worth protecting is a worthy one, and as polemic goes, this is a pretty damn enjoyable one.”Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Toby Hadoke is a lovely man who says lovely things about a fine British institution. He shamelessly defends the BBC,  knows his stuff,  and he has good taste, packing in a generous helping of giggles while remaining as safe as Auntie Beeb herself.” – Three Weeks

Show Reviews

“There were giggles along the way and one or two comedy gems lodged within this passionate love letter to the BBC. Hadoke is charming and very likable with the ability to invoke emotion and laughter throughout the show.”The Public Reviews

“Standing Canute like against a rising tide of reality TV, the show is fast paced as he channel hops to make his points in a style which is Griff Rhys Jones meets Boris Johnson.  As he develops the themes he moves more fully into HD rant (a style loved by his fans). With a before-the-watershed warmness,  it is more amusing than anything you will see on the telly.” – Kenneth Scott,

“I was greatly excited about getting the opportunity to see Toby Hadoke’s show, and was not disappointed. Toby has a gift of making all his material relatable to his entire audience – you’ll leave the show feeling pumped, contented and ready to burn any copies of the Daily Mail or Sun that you find in the street.” Edinburgh

“At #EdinburghFringe? Thoughtful, funny show on why Aunty Beeb deserves our cash from @tobyhadoke Now I Know My BBC (6.55 Underbelly Cowgate)” – Tweeted by The Times (Television Coverage), no less

“Tickling stuff and draws to an unexpectedly heart-warming and profound conclusion.” – The List

“A very strong and satisfying show in Reithian terms; entertaining and informative. Hadoke has successfully turned yet another of his loves into lots and lots of laughter.” –  The National Student

“Now I Know My BBC is a delightful piece of work, as engaging and funny as it is thought provoking.  Bumbling along like some barmy media professor, he brings to life the BBC’s rich back catalogue, cleverly eliciting sparkling humour.

There is a beautiful and delicate little love story at the heart of BBC, but there is also a profound passion, which Hadoke displays with exuberance and gravitas.

Toby Hadoke seems to be perhaps our best hope for leading the vocal appreciation of this wonderful and rich contributor to British life, envied the world over for its unflinching quality.  As a clarion call, Now I know My BBC is informative and educational, but never preachy.  It is nostalgic and romantic – but never sentimental.  Above all, it is very, very funny.  Miss it at your peril.”Elton Townend-Jones,

Pick Of The Fringe – a warm, witty, passionate and personal paean to the BBC” – Kate Fox, The Telegraph

“A thoughtful stream of observations that lets us laugh and revel in the past without sinking into cloying nostalgia.” – The Stage