Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels is a series of podcasts all related to Doctor Who (the latest episodes are listed here, but click on the link to get the whole feed):

Happy Times and Places is a positive episode commentary in which a friend has challenged me to see if I can work out what there favourite things about a particular story are. This is available as a video in my You Tube channel and as an audio podcast.

Omnibus – Inferno

Omnibus – The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Omnibus – The War Machines

Indefinable Magic is a series of occasional whimsical essays which ponder upon an arcane or very personal aspect of Doctor Who : part QI, part Though for the Day, part Letter from America, it’s got a very broad remit. Sometimes it’ll be an exercise in nostalgia, sometimes a very geeky thesis, sometimes a stream of consciousness set of observations : but always, hopefully, quite jolly.

18. Goodnight, Sweet Prince

17. Sardonic, But Not Cynical

16. You’ve Maddened It!

15. Your Name Will Also Go On The List

14. To Be Continued…

Too Much Information is an episode-by-episode breakdown, in great detail, of the Who, What and When of Doctor Who. Insanely detailed, it gives tell you all the essential information, and quite a lot that isn’t, about the development of the show and the people who made it.

3.1 The Edge of Destruction

2.7 The Rescue (The Daleks episode 7)

2.6 The Ordeal

2.5 The Expedition

(Far) Too Much Information is the stuff that as too geeky even for Too Much Information, This is hardcore and for patrons only, but here’s a bonus taster episode whichc delves into the stories of the schoolkid extras from the very first episode:

FTMI BONUS – Class of ’63 Revisited

You can play the episodes (bar (Far) Too Much Information) from iTunes, Podbean, Apple Podcasts and more. Advance releases are available on the Patreon page.

Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round

This free podcast is hosted by Big Finish. It started with a simple mission: to interview as many people from Doctor Who as possible. I endeavoured, during 2013, to get a first-hand anecdote from every single Doctor Who story. It ultimately carried on a lot longer than that, building up to over 250 episodes in which I interview a broad range of contributors about their whole careers, not just travels in space and time. There are still episodes to be released but I’ve pretty much finished the interviews now though who knows … if I bump into a Monoid I’m going to have to interview the fella aren’t I?

You can find all the the list of interviewees, editions and charities who have benefited from this labour of love here.

The XS Malarkey Podcast

The XS Malarkey Podcast covered the monthly goings on at one of the country’s best loved and longest running comedy clubs. The podcast itself was short-lived but featured an great line-up of guests including Sarah Millican, Phill Jupitus, Holly Walsh, Lloyd Langford, Gary Delaney, Joe Lycett and Stewart Francis, with contributions from me to every instalment.  It is available as an MP3 on The XS Malarkey Podcast Page. The XS Malarkey Podcast RSS feed is here. The XS Malarkey Podcast is on iTunes here.

Podcast Guest

I have a sneaking suspicion that I have become the Michael Sheard of podcasts – ubiquitous. Mr Sheard had been in everything, what’s my excuse? I guess I am unable to say no to the opportunity to talk about myself. Oh dear. Oh well, I can certainly chat…

The Comedian’s Comedian – Stewart Goldsmith’s highly acclaimed podcast which delves into the mind of a working comic. A huge honour to be asked, the results are here.

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast – Another illustrious enterprise, my appearance on this very popular show finds Richard asking me about Doctor Who … and not much else. But we keep going for a good hour! It’s fun and you can listen here.

Perfect Night In – Neil Perryman’s excellent show in which guests choose their favourite TV shows. I put my feet up and enjoy Buffy, Colditz, Doctor Who and more here.

Radio Free Skaro – a favourite podcast of mine, hosted by a lovely bunch of fellows. I have been a guest a few times and here’s a section of appearances : remembering Bernard Kay here, talking animated Doctor Who here, discussing my play The Dad Who Fell To Earth here, plugging the book Running Through Corridors here, and chatting about my one man shows My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver here and Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf here.

Galáctic Yo-Yo – an interview about my life and work and the influence of Doctor Who on both. My episode is here.

Desert Planet PicksDesert Island Discs but for geeks, with me choosing various sci-fi related ephemera to keep me going here.

Bergcast: The Quatermass Podcast – this forensic look at the Quatermass serials kicks off with me giving away far too many of the secrets I have uncovered for my forthcoming book. There are lots of details and trivial nuggets about the first of those innovative serials as I chat to host Jon Dear here.