(Far) Too Much Information Bonus Episode – now with pictures!

If you enjoyed my podcast on the Class of ’63 – the schoolkid extras in Doctor’s Who‘s untransmitted pilot and the first episode of Doctor Who – then hopefully these accompanying images will be of interest. Pop to your podcast provider to enjoy the episode. It is on iTunes here. It is part of Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels in the strand (Far) Too Much Information. There is more information if you subscribe to my Patreon page.

Here are the school kids (thanks to Joe Lidster for the graphics and screen grabs from the episode, which he originally compiled for the Quiz of Rassilon, and to Shaquille le Vescomte and Rhys Williams):


Girl with Scarf – Heather Lyons

Heather Lyons 1962


Heather Lyons in 2013









Shady Sal – Carol Clark (later Carol Friday, Caroline Villiers)

Carol Clarke 1962

As Carol Friday 1967

As Caroline Villiers, 1985

In the video for Cher’s Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, c. 1970.









And here she is in action:

Singing Wasted Days.

Being Interviewed on German TV (excuse the long intro).



Karen – Francesca Bettorelli

Francesca Bertorelli 1962

Francesca Bertorelli – date unknown

Francesca Bertorelli in The Romans, 1964


Francesca trying to buy her old schoolteacher in The Romans: All Roads Lead to Rome










No Chair Steve – Cedric Shoemann

Cedric Shoeman 1962

Cedric Shoeman today














Fit Danny – Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas 1962













Kenneth Williams – Richard Willson (later Richard Alexander)


Richard Alexander, c.1970

Richard Wilson 1967 (as Curly in To Sir With Love)














The Lonely Blonde – Mavis Ranson (where are you now Mavis?)

Mavis Ranson in Gideon’s Day, 1958

Mavis Ranson in The Piper’s Tune, 1962

Mavis Ranson 1962











If anyone knows where Mavis is then please drop me a line here. You can learn about all of the others in my special podcast that is really worth your time if you like human stories and Doctor Who arcana.


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