I have decided to do a stupid thing.

A couple of days ago a gentleman called Jon Keefe (@jjkv007) posted on Twitter: Doctor Who 50th; a weekly podcast w everyone thoughout the history of the series interviewed by @TobyHadoke . Make this happen internet Gods. In the absence of input from any such invoked cyberspace deities, I have decided to rise to the challenge myself. Now, I obviously can’t do everyone ever, so what I propose to do is this:

I will post a podcast every week in which I interview someone from Doctor Who. My aim will be to get every single story name-checked over the course of the next 52 weeks; but name-checked through first hand, personal recollection. Big Finish have kindly offered to host the resulting interviews in their podcast. Obviously it would be very simple to go for companions or producers or major contributors, and I am indeed hoping for a full quota of them: but that would be relatively straightforward to achieve and fairly predictable … so I want minnows to rub shoulders with giants – bit part actors, vision mixers, floor managers – anyone with new stories to tell, fresh perspectives or even illustrious careers outside of Who that are so interesting that we barely touch on the Doctor himself during our conversations. And if I do get a companion, I won’t be asking what their favourite story is that’s for sure.

And this is where you come in:


Do you have my e-mail address? Give it to Toby!

With the podcasts being so frequent, I haven’t really got time to pussyfoot around and it’s going to have to be achieved in something of a guerrilla style. Therefore, any contacts (preferably e-mail or snail mail) readers may have that will get me to a person direct so I can drop them a line, offer them a pint or two (I’m not getting paid so neither will they sadly) and arrange something quick would be hugely appreciated. Realistically, I can probably only do people in London or Manchester, or arrange something over Skype that I can record. Also, I am cripplingly shy when it comes to making contact with people and haven’t really got the time resources to bounce negotiations back and forth – so if you know the person and could pave the way, explain the scenario and tell them I’m not a dick (I know – lying is wrong, but it’ for a good cause), that’d be even better.

As there is no money changing hands I will be asking each interviewee to nominate a charity at the end of each podcast so anyone who has enjoyed what they’ve heard can make a small donation.

So… do you have any contacts for people – no matter how obscure – who from your dealings might be happy to have me invade their privacy for about an hour? You may know the Chicki from The Macra Terror? Your uncle might have been the call boy on Colony In Space! You may even have had a one night stand with a Lakertyan: well, now’s your chance to give something back and make use of your tenuous Who connection!

If so, give me your details and I will be in touch! Sooner rather than later – I start tomorrow!


  1. Toby – I played Meeker in The Invisible Enemy with Tom Baker. It was the first ep. in which K9 appeared who was voiced over by John Leesom. We earned lots of overtime as it kept breaking down.Had to spend hours in makeup gradually getting more and more scaley. ONly recently found out how I got killed when watching a doco on the making of Tenko (in which I played Bernard Webster).It was focussed on Louise Jameson who had played Leila and I saw a brief clip of her throwing a dagger at my back. Being in Dr Who and The Bill has helped my street cred when touring schools with poetry performances in Australia and library workshops in UK.I see a degree of awe in their eyes. I continue to get fan mail.Dr Who is an amazing phenomenon.

  2. I covered three parts in a William Hartnell series and was the first monster to appear after the darleks first conflict with the Doctor. I should have appeared as another character as well but got time off to do another TV part. I also appeared with Patrick Troughton and saved the world, at least I would have if they had got to the Moon in time, by
    T-mat. I went on to creat my own company reading poetry in Schools, Libraries, Universities, and theatres.

  3. In another life, back in the 60s, I was the “producer’s assistant” on Dr Who and the Ice Warriors – a little remembered and far from classic,six-parter directed by Derek Martinus. Patrick Troughton was the Doctor then,Peter Sallis featured, and the starring role as lead Ice Warrier, went to Bernard Breslaw,whose then fame was completely obliterated, encased as he was in a cyber-reptilian bodysuit with a distorted voice.

  4. Hi Toby,
    I had a small walk-on part in Rise of he Cybermen (was the photographer at the party The Chpybermen gate crashed). Plenty of pictures on my site, please go have a look!
    I made a living selling Who merchandise for over a decade in the 80’s and 90’s and have been a huge fan all my life.
    Maybe we could have a chat over Skype?

  5. Hi Toby,
    Don’t know if I would be of any interest to you, very much a minnow! just one of the SA press gang in Boomtown when Annette Badland reveals her plans for the power station.
    My association with Dr Who does extend way beyond that though. With a lengthy career as an actor I helped out on several of Nick Briggs/Gary Russel/Bill Baggs plays in the 80’s before Big Finish was thought of, I’m the Dalek in that children in need clip with Colin Baker at Blackpool Exhibition in 1985,I was one of the main instigators behind the Trial of Davros play with Michael Wisher, Peter Miles etc in 1993, several Bill Baggs things as Zygons and Rutans etc etc, and outside of Dr Who I am one of the crew in the very first episode of red dwarf, they even sold my pants at Bonhams. That sounds like a title i could use for a one man show like yours. “They sold my Red Dwarf pants at Bonhams” what do you think? too long? lol
    Kind regards
    Nigel Peever

  6. Hi Toby
    We know a ten-year-old who’s got a speaking part in one of the new episodes airing this March. Lovely kid & lives in Hornsey, so nice & convenient. Obviously you may have a rule about never working with children or animals, but it might be fun. Drop me a line if you want his mum’s phone number.
    & very happy new year

  7. Toby,

    I’m afraid I don’t have any interview contacts for you, our show reviews the Classic Series DVD’s, but we do have a fairly large listening audience and I would love to plug this podcast for you. Just email me the feed link, title, etc. Any pertinent info and we’ll tell all of our listeners about it.

    If you would like to come on the show and plug it yourself it would be an honor to have you (Moths ate my Doctor Who scarf made me cry).

    Best of luck!

    David Hooie
    Hoo On Who podcast

  8. How weird, tried to reply to your tweet and it wouldn’t let me, must be the same thing which stopped you from direct messaging me there. Silly Twitter.

  9. Hi Mr Hadoke, I messaged you via The Terrible Zodin’s Twitter feed.

    I’m friends of a friend with the actor Peter Miles and have his phone number and email address (though he doesn’t check the latter very often.)

    I could sound him out about this project if you like.



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