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This month sees the launch of my Patreon page which can be found here. I’m using lockdown to be creative: I’m posting work-in-progress comedy, bits from my archive and, mostly, advance or exclusive editions of my new set of podcasts which come under the umbrella title Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels.


There are four in all (I know, I couldn’t decide which one to do). Here are the details:

Happy Times and Places – A Doctor Who commentary in which a friend nominates a story that they love and I have to dispense facts, observations and opinions, all the while trying to guess what their favourite things about it are. This way, both of us are constantly erring on the positive – so this’ll have that rare thing, Doctor Who fans who actually seem to like the show. It’s intended as an upbeat and celebratory piece in order to shine a light in the darkness of lockdown. I have some great guests too: comedians (Johnny Candon, Tom Burgess, John Cooper, Paul Litchfield), writers (Daragh Carville, Dan Rebellato, Simon Guerrier, Joe Lidster), venerable fans (Jeremy Bentham, Richard Marson, David J Howe, Emily Cook, Gary Russell), and many more. Happy Times and Places will be released at least once a week.It will be available as an audio podcast and a a you Tube video.

Indefinable Magic is a series of whimsical monologues inspired by some (often quite arcane) aspect of the show – part QI, part Letter From America, part Thought For The Day, no two episodes are the same except for the gentle, enthusiastic and geeky tone. There are nostalgic remembrances, stories that most fans will identify with, or odd trivial investigations unearthing hitherto uncovered aspects of the show and its makers, such as a history of carrots in Doctor Who, or an examination of the war records of some of its stars. There’s a new score composed especially for this by Dominic Glynn. Indefinable Magic will be released at least once per month, more if inspiration or generosity strike.


Too Much Information is an episode-by-episode, blow-by-blow account of the series, going into ludicrous and possibly certifiable details, outlining the Who, What and When of every single instalment of the show. Observations, biographies of unsung heroes, and a York Notes style overview of the production process, cross-referencing a lot of existing paperwork but also uncovering a load of new and sometimes left-field facts. It will track the creation of the episode (that’s episode, not story) from beginning to end, and toss in a boatload of trivia in between.  It has an original score composed by the amazing comedian and musician Waen Shepherd (aka Gary le Strange). Too Much Information will be released once a month, hopefully picking up pace as it goes along but let’s see.


(Far) Too Much Information has all the stuff I couldn’t fit into Far Too Much Information. This one is truly hardcore. If you want to know what happened to the Call Hill schoolkids, or who shone the light that made the title sequence swirl, then this is the one for you. But be warned, once you start looking for this level of detail: there’s no going back. (Far) Too Much Information is, for now, for patrons only.



Patrons will get postings on at least three days a week, and will be several weeks ahead of the standard iTunes releases. They will also get exclusive episodes and bonus content. There are seceral layers of patron, but all the major stuff is available from even the cheapest tier : it’s really a Pay What You can model.

So please do spread the word. Oh, and enjoy an extended preview of everything that is on offer…


  1. Too Much Information Pod


    I just enjoyed the episode on the broadcast version of “An Unearthly Child”, still one of my favourite episodes, well its an “origin” story of sorts so it has to be. Was delighted to find out, many years ago, that the unaired version still existed and watched that with great relish too. Trouble is the podcast episode I listened to ( 1.1 ) constantly refers back to a pod episode about the unaired version and I cant find it. Is this some sort of timey-wimey glitch or is it hidden behind some vast paywall, which I cant find either ( Patreon aside ), or is it simply a nudge towards getting a more efficient podcast provider ?

    Keep up the good work and stay safe until some NEW stuff materialises ( six sleeps ).

    A ( sadly all-too ) Earthly Middle-aged Man

  2. Dear Toby, I would very much like to thank you for your podcast. I’ve just finished listening to the Day of the Daleks omnibus and have thoroughly enjoyed it! although not that challenging as I’ve always thought it a classic story and have loved it since first repeatedly renting it from the video shop in the mid eighties (£1.50 a time!) I have always avoided Doctor Who fandom for precisely the reason you have started this podcast for – far too much criticism, moaning and argument (there is so much fun/joy to be had in every story!). Doctor Who has always been a solo pleasure! although my son and daughter (more my daughter) have joined me!

    I’m sure you no doubt have a long list of suggestions. But, I’d like to put forward ‘The horns of Nimon’. I have never understood why its so disliked. I’ve loved it since first seeing it on VHS.

    • Thanks Christian. I will celebrate it all if I can. Horns will be quite easy as it’s one of my earliest and most vivid memories of the show. I’ll get to them all – and they won’t all be easy. But I’ll give them a go. Thanks for sending such nice feedback x

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