Due to Big Finish having other audio fish to fry later in the week the latest edition is a tad early. Although I had vowed to avoid conventions as much as possible, reasoning that (a) it was cheating a little and (b) the interviewees would be a bit “Who”-ed out, I nonetheless couldn’t resist during the 50th Anniversary event at the ExCel Arena. And so I grabbed a couple of illustrious folk (the first being Maureen O’Brien who has already hit the airwaves) whom I had not met before to help me to polish off some of the few remaining stories.

I had a late Tom Baker adventure in my sights and was able to grab a distinguished gentleman associated with it whose pedigree outside of the series is also rather serious. We didn’t have long and therefore it is literally a snatched conversation, so there’s room for the first half of another – more traditional –  interview, which will conclude next week.


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